Gender Fluidity | Are There Only Two Genders?

And we are back!

In the last decade, the term “Gender Fluidity” has grown in the social space especially among first world countries. Gender fluidity says gender is a spectrum and that there are more than two genders. Until now, science hasn’t been able to completely prove that there are more than two genders, hence the new term, non binary.


Non binary is a term used to describe people who do not identify with either male or female. As a result, they changed their gender pronouns from he/she to they/them and requested society to address them as such.

A Non Binary Person.

This has created some confusion in the spectrum as cisgender males and females are struggling to identify people with those pronouns. Others have argued, it is grammatically incorrect to refer to a single person in plural terms.


On the platform today, we’re asking your thoughts on gender fluidity. The issue of gender fluidity is confused for sexual fluidity especially in the queer community. What are the other specific features of a non binarys body parts that differentiates them from the traditional male and female? Is it more of a social identification than a biological one? The confusion exists because biology identifies gender with genitals and chromosomes.

My gender pronouns are they/them.

Today, there are an estimated 76 other genders out there but each of those non binary genders have one or both of the typical male or female features. What’s the transition for a non binary person? Are non binary persons intersex? In 2018, Teen Vogue published an article on 9 Things People Get Wrong About Being Non-Binary | Teen Vogue that addressed a lot of non binary misconceptions.


The biggest question posed to this generation is, does this movement come from a place of dysphoria in today’s society? And if true, where does this dysphoria come from? These are monumental questions we have to ask to get some answers to this gender conundrum.

Gender is a spectrum.

If someone really feels male but is genetically female, does that automatically make that person, male? If I identify as non binary, is it okay to be attracted to cisgenders?


The famous Caitlyn Jenner, transitioned to female after being male for over 50 years. But she’s also made it clear that even though she identifies as female, she’s still attracted to females alone.

Caitlyn Jenner – A Trans female.

Now does that make her gay or straight having transitioned? These are questions we are trying to get some explanations on the gender spectrum.

Let’s have this conversation on the podcast. Listen and share your comments here on the blog. Hit the comment section below and tell us your thoughts on today’s topic. You’re welcome to the Spectrum. This is Danny world.


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