Dear Nigeria

A long hiatus but I’m back on the poem train. I needed to get this off my chest and I’m sure we all have a lot on our chests about Nigeria. I hope my pen can somehow write off your hurt. Titled “Dear Nigeria.” Enjoy!

Dear Nigeria, are you still a giant?

Are you still the pride of the Motherland?

Does your roar still send shivers?

Can we still call you, Mother?

Is there a sliver of good left in your heart?

Dear Nigeria, how did you lose touch with the torch?

How do you leave bloom for gloom?

I remember you dashing on the runway

Now you’re coasting on the crossroads

An onion fomenting tears no one asked for

Dear Nigeria, you’ve brought tears to our eyes

Caused bleeding in our hearts

Lies to our ears

Poisoned our lips

And now we don’t even recognize our own skin

Dear Nigeria, are you still green?

You wear a coat but without arms

The greatness of the land have become a distant land

Your kids have become your parents

And your home, a madhouse

Dear Nigeria, you’re out of control

How can we call you Father when you don’t even own the land?

You say it’s unity in diversity

A travesty of unity

Clearly, it’s delusion in unity

Dear Nigeria, are you still an eagle?

Who clipped your wings?

Get up and sour!

The sky have become your sands

And the sands, your limit

Dear Nigeria, how did you get here?

How are your children still peasants in a castle?

Are you still a royal?

How do animals run your kingdom?

Are you just a king without his crown?

Dear Nigeria, why does your assembly lack order?

Your lawmakers have become lawbreakers

The army would rather breach than bridge security

The police have become scavengers rather than avengers

Even your doctors can’t figure out your diagnosis

Dear Nigeria, why are your children out of school?

How did you graduate with honours in ignorance?

For decades, you’ve lied to your future, regurgitated your past whilst sabotaging your present

How can they be leaders of tomorrow when today is not even guaranteed?

A Nigeria where yesterday is today and tomorrow

Dear Nigeria, will your elections ever be credible?

When the electoral commission is a corrupt profession

Your people have lost faith as it has become their fate

Or perhaps their fate is as a result of their faith?

The more we pray, the more you prey

An election carefully strategized to ostracize a dead horse

Devised to simply incentivize the rippled youths

You exploit an uneducated man and pride yourself in wisdom

You adorn your proposals with ribbons and confetti

Only for us to open your boxes and find out it’s a curse

Dear Nigeria, even when you rise, you fall

How come your price never falls?

Even when your prize on a free fall

You take away my right to speak

You pick and choose the birds you shoot at their peak

Right to free speech says your constitution

But I speak and I get isolated in an institution

I’m no criminal but you won’t even let me finish my sentence

Free but still a slave

Independent yet dependent

Anyone who criticize gets the bars

Maybe I should have used a gun not a bar

Even when clearly, you haven’t raised the bar

Now I’m here making a case and I wasn’t even called to bar

Damn, I’ve taken too many shots I should move on to the next bar

Dear Nigeria, how do you exercise authority without true power?

Maybe the only way to stay in power is to keep out Power

Every four years, you promise Power but all you do is hold on to power

Forced to embrace darkness, our mirror broken and our reflection in pieces

And now we can’t even see beyond our noses

Dear Nigerians, how do you fight a system stacked against you to fail?

The more we stay, the more we stray

The more the pain, the lesser the gain

We’ve lost our pride for the ride

And our prime, a long time

Dear Nigerians, is hope how we cope?

Do you still pray for redemption?

Do you see any glimpse of illumination?

Or is it just an unending radiation?

Sadly, hope may just be our only option… [To Be Continued]


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