Ever wondered why the sun shines only during the day and not at night? Ever pictured the moon in the day or see the stars shine at noon-day? Certainly not. You know why? It’s because they’ve all got specific times at which they reveal themselves.

The times at which they shine esteems their value. The moon can’t be in so much of a hurry to come out in the day just because it can’t wait to shine so does the stars. They’d have to wait for the clouds to give way so the world can see them at their best.

A lot of us are like the racing moon and stars. We want to be beat our clouds and show ourselves to the world even when it’s not time. We want to be at the top so bad we forget the process.

We’re in so much a hurry to let the world know our prowess but forget the training. We want to be up the ladder but forget we must first climb. Value is as result of quality but quality takes brewing and brewing is a process. It all takes time.

Life’s like football. You don’t train, you’re not fit. If you’re not fit, you don’t play. And when you don’t play, you can’t score goals or win games. And eventually, when you don’t win games, people don’t value you.

It’s important for us to know what to do to get to where we want to be. You don’t ask “The How?” before “The Why?” because for you to know “How” you’ve got to know “Why” first. It’s a natural phenomenon.

We must also realize that quality is better appreciated at the right time and the right time is when people require its services. You can’t sell a sweater during summer cause it’s best appreciated in winter just as the moon.

It is imperative for us to understand that no matter the amount of brewing and time we undergo, we must be smart enough to know when the time is right to strike. Soldiers are not just trained but trained to be ready for battle when it’s time. Even the right training requires the right moment.

The process prepares you for the moment which makes it even more precise and in the end, appreciated. It’s okay to want success but to maintain to success calls for great responsibility and that requires brewing. The moon shines at nightfall. It tells you that light is much recognised in the dark.

Light is of much value when there is a black out. The right moment creates an opportunity to make impact but for a man to take full advantage of opportunity, he needs to be ready. But how could one be ready if he’s not prepared?

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb which was the most needed invention at the time. Prior his invention, fire was the only source of light but today, we all use the light bulb and several scientists have improved on Edison’s invention. It took Edison 1,000 times to get it right and when he eventually did, the world celebrated his work.

Question is, what if he never prepared for that moment? He tried a thousand times cause he kept missing something each time he tried but while people saw him make 1,000 mistakes, he saw them as 1,000 lessons. A thousand lessons made one right moment.

Sometimes we think because we didn’t get right the first time means we’re probably terrible at a thing. We want everything to happen so quickly for us with a wave of the wand.

Fact is, the world ain’t Hogwarts. Here, things don’t happen like magic. True success is not instantaneous but a process. Opportunity meets preparation. Brew, learn and be ready to pounce when the time is right. This is Danny world…

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