Well, September did breeze out quickly but not without marvelling a lot of movie fans. If you thought September was huge, then October’s even bigger. Scintillating collection of the biggest movie stars and directors all on the big screen. Last month, we saw “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” gross $414.3 million domestically and internationally. The movie tops the global box office with a massive $100.2 million. This month, everyone is talking about “Blaze Runner 2049” which star fans favourite Ryan Gosling and Star Wars’ Harrison Ford. Also, fans are itching to see Gerard Butler back on the big screen as he stars in the epic “Geostorm.”

Jackie Chan also returns to big screen thriller in “The Foreigner.” A whole lot is happening this October in the world of movies. Rest assured, you won’t be missing any of the action with us. From drama to comedy down to crime, thriller, animation and even horror. It’s a bumper package this October. The biggest Hollywood stars collide this month, likes of Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, Miles Teller, J.K Simmons, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Hudson, Jackie Chan, Amy Schumer, Chadwick Boseman, Gerard Butler, Matt Damon and a host of other top stars. Without further ado, the top 10 movies you must see this October!


Harry Hole [Michael Fassbender] is an elite crime squad’s lead detective officer. Assisted by his shrewd recruit Katrine Bratt [Rebecca Ferguson], Hole must unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of a victim in the first snow fall of winter. The recent disappearance has brought back fears that a rogue killer has surfaced and unspeakable evil is upon on the city.

Harry and Katrine must now unmask this serial killer. Movie also stars J.K Simmons and a host of other stars. Directed by Tomas Alfredson based on original novel by Jo Nesbo. U.K release date is October 13th while for the U.S, it’s October 20th, 2017. See trailer here


Joseph Kosinski is behind the scenes for this epic true life tale. Movie stars Josh Brolin, Miles Teller and Jeff Bridges an elite group of firefighters who fought the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona gallantly. Based on the true story in June 2013 which saw the wildfire take 19 members of their team.

Through their heroics, relentless and never-say-die attitude, they save the lives of thousands in the local community. Men with brave hearts protecting the lives of families and everything the nation holds dearly. Movie also stars Jennifer Connelly and Taylor Kitsch. Release date is October 20th. See trailer here


Veteran Kung Fu actor Jackie Chan stars as a restaurant owner in London’s Chinese town who is on a mission to retribute his wife and daughter killed by an elusive Irish terrorist group led by Liam Hennessy [Pierce Brosnan].

With Chan, expect a lot of action and thrilling flicks, trickery and all round drama. Story is based on the novel “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather. Director Martin Campbell is behind the cameras for this action-thriller. U.S release date is October 13th. See trailer here


Indeed, a storm is upon us and it’s taking everyone. Story centers around what could be the earth’s biggest ever threat. After series of unheard natural disasters, leaders all over the world came together to create a satellite system called “Dutch Boy” to manage the global climate condition and curb the plague.

Unexpectedly, the system which was built to protect the planet and everyone in it, becomes their destruction and threatens to sweep out the entire earth. A classic sci-fi action no doubt. Movie stars Gerard Butler, Katheryn Winnick, Abbie Cornish and Jim Sturgess. Brought to you by Warner Bros pictures and directed by Dean Davlin. Release date is October 20th. See trailer here


Denis Villeneuve is behind the scenes for this amazing box office thriller. Fans have been anticipating this big one this October. With a budget of $182 million, the movie is set to take the global box office by storm. Based on the sequel of Blade Runner [1982], thirty years after, a new blade runner emerges by the name K [Ryan Gosling]. An LAPD officer who uncovered a huge secret that has been hidden for donkey years. One which has the capacity to plague the society and propel rancour.

His discovery leads him to locate Rick Deckard [Harrison Ford] who was a former LAPD officer who disappeared for thirty years. According to fans and critics, this is the movie to see this October. Release date is October 6th. See trailer here


Now this is certainly one for the horror fans to cheer. Director Christopher B. Landon is running points on this big one. The story follows a college student Theresa aka Tree [Jessica Rothe] who is forced to relive the day she was murdered. Now she must find who her killer was and why she was a target.

Hopefully, she finds her killer before she runs out of lives. It’s a classic horror albeit with a comic tone. Movie also stars Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine and Charles Aitken. Release date is set for October 13th. See trailer


Award winning Jason Hall is the man behind the cameras for this war classic. Based on the book by David Finkel, the story follows a set of U.S soldiers who recently returned from the war in Iraq and how they strive to cope with their normal lives back at home with their families.

They continue to relive the scenes of the war which taunts them and now these memories seek to destroy them even when they are no longer on the battleground. Movie stars Miles Teller, Amy Schumer and a host of other notable stars. It’s one you don’t want to be told. Brought to you by Universal pictures. Release date is October 27th. See trailer


Follows a community that has masked its flaws really well painting it as one of peace and happiness covering its true violent and spiteful nature. Suburbicon is assumed to be the best place to raise an ideal family but the Lodge family soon figure otherwise. Gardner Lodge [Matt Damon] is a father and husband who must now maneuver his way through the town’s deceit cloak and rip it of its evil. You’re welcome to Suburbicon.

Award winning Geroge Clooney is behind the scenes for this classic. Brought to you by Paramount Pictures. Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac also star. Release date is October 27th. See trailer here


It’s the eight installment of the Saw franchise. Follows a tale of strange deaths occurring in the city. According to investigations carried out by the police, John Kramer is seen as the culprit. Everyone knows Jigsaw died over a decade ago.

The big question on the minds of everyone is, who is responsible for the horrific deaths around the city? A classic horror indeed. Jigsaw returns. The duo of Michael Spierig & Peter Spierig are behind the scenes for this epic horror. Movie is set for release on October 27th. See trailer


Based on the true life story of Thurgood Marshall and Samuel Friedman. Two young brave lawyers rise against all odds in highly racist and segregationist times. It’s new for fans of Chadwick Boseman to see him in a suit and we’re quite loving it. Boseman plays Thurgood Marshall who takes up the case of a black chauffeur who is charged with sexual assault and attempted murder on his white socialist boss [Kate Hudson].

Now Marshall and his jewish partner Friedman [Josh Goad] must give everything they’ve got for this case in a segregationist court. It’s a long shot but one they’re willing to put everything on the line. An interesting story told by director Reggie Hudlin. Release date is October 13th. See trailer here


And that’s a wrap guys for the month of October. Interesting collection no doubt. Do well to see these movies as they hit the cinemas near you. We’ll see you in November! Until then, this is Danny world…


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