A lot are scared of the big challenges that beckons because they see them as insurmountable. They see them as mountains. Truth is, it’s become insurmountable cause they have their minds fixed on just the mountain and not the top of mountain. Question is, how do you get past a mountain? The only way past a mountain is to go over the mountain. To do that, you’ve gotta start by stepping closer to the mountain.

It means to beat the mountain, first, you’ve gotta touch the mountain. To beat an opponent [one opposing victory], you must touch that opponent. It’s the first step to beating a challenge. You have to go close that problem however terrifying it may seem. Truth is, the mountain will remain where it is whether you face it or not. You’re the one who’s got where to go not the mountain. The mountain doesn’t go anywhere but you have to move cause you need to get to the next level. And to get to the next level, you’ve gotta go through the mountain.

So however long you wait, don’t think the mountain is gonna just disappear with the passage of time. The mountain will exist long after you’re gone. Either way, at some point, you have to step up to the mountain. Fact is, challenges don’t run away. They stand firm in your face waiting for you to either come up with an excuse or go head-to-head. It means challenges doesn’t exactly give you a choice. You have to get through them.

The next step is “Climbing” the mountain which is the most important step. To get to the top, you have to climb to the top. It means getting to the top [Success] requires effort. Interestingly, the top ensures a safe landing whereas hitting rock bottom offers an often fatal landing which is quite effortless. To climb, you’ve got to take it one step at a time. Consistency is key to reaching the finish line. So to get to the top of the mountain, you have to keep climbing.

When climbing, have your mind focused on the goal [Top] and your eyes on your hands, legs and the next piece of rock [Process to the top] to grab or lean on so you don’t fall. Keep an eye on your step choosing it rather carefully to ensure you’re still on course. The big picture is getting to the top but if you keep your eyes on the big picture, you ignore how to even get there. The “HOW” is the strategy to get to the “GOAL” and without a strategy, you can never achieve the bigger picture. This makes the strategy even more important than the picture and climbing is the strategy to the peak of a mountain.

To beat a challenge, you have to learn how to climb. You have to understand that “Climbing” is a process and takes time which means it’s one step at a time. When you have your eyes set on defeating the challenge rather than how to defeat the challenge, defeating the challenge becomes a rather distant land. Do not allow your mind to be clouded by the height of the mountain because heights are only attained by those who ready to climb.

You must also be ready to experience some setbacks even as you climb. Some rocks may slide making you lose grip of a solid rock and eventually push you back causing a few bruises and pain to nurse. They are called “Challenges” for a reason. They come at you with everything they’ve got expecting you to either fight back or give in. Success is not achieved without some failed attempts. When push comes to shove, you’ll not be swayed cause you know it’s a phase you must go through to get to the top.

Again, you have to face the mountain cause you need to move on to the next level. It’s never gonna disappear. With your eyes on the rocks and your mind on the prize, you’ll make it to the top. When you do make it up there, however high, look down to see how far you’ve come and be grateful you pulled it off. When success is achieved, one looks back at where they’ve been and how they got to the point where they are today. Truth is, there will be other mountains even bigger than the last but you must be ready to take them on just as the last. Challenges only end when you die but they are greater opportunities to greater heights. This precedes life itself. This is Danny world…

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