A wonderful morning to y’all and you’re welcome to Danny world. Today, we’re having a very important personality right here. She’s vibrant and vision driven. A lady who is driven by the desire to serve. She’s indeed a lady worthy of emulation. She’s proved against all odds that women can certainly compete on a man’s playground. She’s the incumbent president of the Student Union Government (S.U.G) in the university of the Benin. She’s currently the only female S.U.G president serving in the whole of Nigeria. I’m talking of no other person but Miss Lauretta Obakpolo! Here’s how the interview went;

Danny: Good morning. You’re welcome to Danny world Lauretta Obakpolo.

Miss Lauretta: Thanks for having me.

Danny: First things first, tell us a bit about you. Who is Lauretta?

Miss Lauretta: Well…Lauretta is a 400 level student of Pharmacy in the university of Benin. I attended Victory Primary School before moving on to Girls Model Secondary School, Abudu, Edo state where I bagged my school leaving certificate.

Danny: Cool. Now you mentioned something about being a Pharmacy student. We do know the stress that comes with the job as the president. But we also know your first priority as a student. How do you hope to merge these two very key functions?

Miss Lauretta: Good question Danny. For me, it’s pretty easy. It’s all about time management and prioritising your activities. That’s the key to handling both jobs efficiently. This way, one doesn’t suffer as much as the other. It’s all about creating a balance and it’s what works for me.

Danny: Oh well…fair enough. Now to politics itself as a student. What made you want to play politics in school? How did it all start? What was the drive behind you as a lady gunning for a position as key as the president?

Miss Lauretta: Hm-mm. I’ll be pretty exact on this one. My inherent passion to serve has always been my driving force even in the political arena. I also find myself in a field like Pharmacy where versatility has come to potentiate this passion. For me, it all started like a dream but my passion to serve at any level was my driving force. Again, presidency is not gender based but purpose based.

Danny: Hm-mm…Told y’all she was a lady with the desire to serve.

Miss Lauretta: Hahaha.. I just do my best by his grace.

Danny: Alright then. On that day, when you were declared winner at the polls, how did you feel? Did you ever think it was possible?

Miss Lauretta: Whoa! I’m not sure I can express how joyful I was after I was declared winner ahead of five other worthy guys. Initially, I was tensed but that was substituted for joy in my heart and I knew nothing was impossible for God.

Danny: Five guys?

Miss Lauretta: Yeah five guys.

Danny: Wow! Congratulations again. You’re a strong lady.

Miss Lauretta: Hahaha. Thank you.

Danny: On a lighter note, being only the 2nd female S.U.G president the university has every produced and all the status that comes with the job, has everything changed about you? Do you still do those things you used to do before?

Miss Lauretta: Well, I’d say this. The position might have changed but the personality has not changed. I’m still the same person but with a higher sense of responsibility. I still go about my life like every other normal student. I still know how to have a good time among my folks and family when I have the time. So I don’t think I’ve really changed that much.

Danny: So Miss Lauretta hasn’t changed just the position. Now as the president, what should students of the university of Benin expect from you?

Miss Lauretta: Students should certainly expect everything good from the Safe Impact team. We’re dedicated to serving and pursuing the interest of our students to the latter. The welfare of our students is top priority because without the students, there is no government. The very best is what we hope to achieve but for that to work, we must all work together. Most importantly, we need your prayers for us to lead effectively.

Danny: You heard what the president has said herself. UNIBEN students should expect the very best.

Miss Lauretta: Yes they should. We’re driven to serve.

Danny: Alright. Now about the general rise in the price of items. In a statement released in your administration’s first parliamentary sitting, it read that a bag of sachet water must now go for N130 per bag and N10 per sachet and N20 for 3 sachets. Today, the sellers don’t seem to be following that order despite the constant supply?

Miss Lauretta: Good question. You see my team and I have been very much against this general rise in prices but these things take time considering the state of our economy at the moment. Changes like this one goes with several resistances particularly, when there were irregularities before now. But by God’s grace, we’re working on it earnestly and we’re going to take the best possible measures to ensure these sellers comply with the terms. This will all be over soon.

Danny: I believe the students are pained and would want a quick solution. Also, on the issue of cab drivers collecting N150 and sometimes N200 from students around school instead of the normal N100. Students have complained about that as well. How can this be stopped?

Miss Lauretta: Well, like I said, the state of our economy is on a low at the moment especially the fuel price as we all know. Not withstanding, we’ve spoken to these drivers on so many occasions and given them reasons why they must co-operate with the S.U.G. Yes, some of them still default against the normal price of N100. This will be addressed. We’ve spoken to their cordinators at the park before now and you’d agree with me that a very good number of cab drivers now carry students for N100. Like I said, it’s a process. It’s all going to balance soon.

Danny: Alright Miss Lauretta. Appreciate you coming on Danny world.

Miss Lauretta: Thanks for having me.

Danny: Last words to those students especially the ladies who might someday want to take up positions at the S.U.G level. Your advice to them please.

Miss Lauretta: I’d say this. Let your passion be your propelling force and never settle for the least. You’ve got the potentials so go dig them up. You can succeed and you will.

Danny: Wow! Inspiring words from the president right there. Thank you so much Miss Lauretta.

Miss Lauretta: You’re welcome Danny.

Danny: Alright folks. Thanks for following. Until next time, this is Danny world…

Now that was the S.U.G president of the great university of Benin Miss Obakpolo Lauretta. A strong lady I must confess. I believe she must have answered few questions in the hearts of many. Be on the look out guys cause next time we’d be having another notable personality on the blog as well. It’s the blog that brings you the total package. This is Danny world…


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