A man once said that the success of a man is a function of how he sees life. True, by all standards. Where a man sees life from determines how he goes about life. What a man values become what he lives by. But all these can only happen from where he stands in life. A poor man can’t think as the rich.

A lame man can’t think like the man who can walk. A blind man can’t think like the man who can see. A prisoner can’t think like a free man. An ant can’t think like an elephant. These are facts of life. Where you are determines what you do, how you do it and who you do it with.

A man at the top sees everything as beneath him. But a man at the bottom, looks up to everything and everyone above him. The man at the top fears one day he might fall. But a man at the bottom, fears no fall. These are facts of life.

Never judge a man for the way he thinks, acts or talk cause it’s only a function of where he’s found himself. This is because what you relate with, you become. If he was exposed to what you’ve been exposed to, he’d think like you.

Sometimes the reason why a man can’t relate with the truth is because he’s only be used to lies. He can’t relate with the truth because all his life, he’s heard and told nothing but lies. It’s not his fault. He just don’t believe truth exist. Question is, why get offended at that man?

Truth is, if you were in his position, you won’t be able to relate with truth as well. It’s difficult for one to think success when he’s never experienced it. How can a man view success when he’s only been used to failure? To him, success has become a distant reality. These are facts of life.

You think you’re okay because you can afford breakfast. Whereas, a man is angry because he can only afford a 3-course meal. A man would only think a plane is bad for anyone simply because he can only afford a train. But a man who has only known a plane all his life, doesn’t even believe a train exist.

These are facts of life. Maybe we don’t know who we are until we’ve moved on to the next level or brought down to a lower level. Maybe we’re only a function of where we’ve found ourselves. It means a man can only think in the direction of where he’s been placed.

It means a man’s position determines his behaviour. A man’s location determines his orientation. Fact is, you don’t know who you are until you’ve experienced the next phase of your life. It means there is always a time for rediscovery. At each point in life, we must learn to rediscover ourselves because of the changes we’ve been exposed to.

This is why a man could talk this way today and discredit those words tomorrow. A boy could celebrate the educational system today but disapprove the same system tomorrow. It’s not because the boy has changed, it’s because he became a man. It’s because he moved to another level which means he can’t think the same way.

People don’t change but levels do. They just react differently to certain things because they’ve either come to know better or worse. But the true definition of a man is tied to his ability to reason from different angles and give a refined judgment about life. A man should react to life from where he’s been and where he is at the moment.

It means we can’t base our actions from one place when there are so many other places to look at. It means we must accept that we can’t always get it right cause your right could be wrong to the next person. It’s all subjective. In the final analysis, wherever you find yourself in life, know that there is always something or someone better or worse than you are. For this reason, judge fairly. This is Danny world…

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