This fall, we’ll certainly see the return of some popular TV series [Empire, Blindspot, Quantico, How To Get Away With Murder, The Blacklist] but we’re sure gonna be seeing some new spellbinding TV series in September. From superheroes to drama, comedy down to horror even super-intelligence as well as crime scenes all in one super month. It sure is “Super September” and it promises to be an amazing month. Top movie producers like Dan Fogelman, Phil McGraw, Cheo Hodari Coker, Matt Miller and Kevin James will be behind cameras this month. This month also features new superhero “Luke Cage” as Marvel hopes to re-assure fans that they are still the best with comic collections considering DC’s latest hit “Suicide Squad”

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Starz, Bravo, Syfy, Netflix and the likes will join in bringing these series on screen this month. So, with no further delay, here are the top ten (10) TV series you must see this September;


Luke Cage [Mike Colter] starred in Marvel’s Jessica Jones for the first time in March 2015 and will now feature solo in this highly-profiled Marvel series. Since its production ended in March 2016, there has been a lot of buzz about this new Marvel superhero which a lot of fans are itching to see this month. The film which was developed by Cheo Hodari Coker tells the story of Mike Colter [Luke Cage] an ex-convict who possess superhuman abilities, strength and an indestructible skin now fights crime at the heart of the city.

Cage’s superhuman abilities came as a result of a sabotage experiment. He now has these tick abilities and must figure out how and when to use them. The film also stars Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi, Frank Whaley, and Sônia Braga. Luke Cage premieres on September 28th and the series will be released on September 30th.


Peter Lenkov [Co-creator/executive producer], Henry Winkler, James Wan and Paul Downs Colaizzo collaborate in what would be a reboot of the 1985 “MacGyver” original series on Abc. The new series will now feature for CBS this month. Ever since its first trailer was released in May 2016, the new “MacGyver” has garnered a lot of buzz and fans are gearing for its release date.

Lucas Till stars as Angus Mac “MacGyver” who creates a secret U.S government organization where he uses his extraordinary abilities to solve problems and his extreme scientific knowledge to help save lives in the country. The film also stars George Eads, Tristin Mays, Justin Hires & Sandrine Holt. The release date for this film is September 23rd.


Popular producer Jeremy Slater [Fantastic Four 2015] will be producing in what would be a reborn of the 1971’s novel “The Exorcist” written by William Peter Blatty in this much awaited horror. James Robinson, David Robinson, Rolin Jones and Barbara Wall will be co-producing as well. Rupert Wyatt will be directing this pilot. Since FOX commissioned the series in May 2016, the movies has been much anticipated by many.

The film tells the story of two different priests [Alfonso Herrera & Ben Daniels] who fight to aid a family haunted by demons in what would be a modern day psychological thriller as these men face real evil in this much anticipated horror. The release date for the film is September 23rd.


Popular film-maker Dan Fogelman [Crazy, Stupid] will be co-producing with his former team of directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra in this new buzzing dramedy “This Is Us” which will be showing on the NBC network. Fogelman tells the story of a group of people who surprisingly share the same birthdays and whose lives are connected in some queer or unusual ways.

The film stars lead casts Milo Ventimiglia [As Jack] and Mandy Moore [As Rebecca]. It also stars supporting casts like Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan & Ron Cephas Jones. The release date for the film is September 20th.


Kevin James is becoming quite a regular with the CBS network haven starred in [The King Of Queens] as he produce and stars in the network’s new sitcom “Kevin Can Wait” this fall. Kevin James will be co-producing alongside director Andy Fickman, Bruce Helford, Rock Reuben & Jeff Sussman in this amazing comedy. Kevin is a recently retired cop in New York who looks forward to spending much quality time with his family [his wife and three kids].

However, he soon finds out his job was much easier to handle than his home. “Kevin Can Wait” will be a 24-episode sitcom on the CBS network. The film also stars Erinn Hayes[Kevin’s wife], James DiGiacomo, Taylor Spreitler, Gary Valentine, Ryan Cartwright, Leonard Earl Howze, Lenny Venito & Christopher Brian Roach. The release date for this film is September 19th.


Fans of Jack Bauer’s 24 will certainly be poised for this one as film-maker David Guggenheim scripts this new amazing political drama “Designated Survivor” starring lead cast Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman who is also a co-producer for this big one. Guggenheim will be working with directors Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon, Suzan Bymel, Nick Pepper and Jon Feldman in what could be America’s top political drama series.

The plot tells the story of the massive bomb explosion which rocked the State of the Union address claiming the life of the U.S president and the members of the cabinet leaving only Tom Kirkman [Secretary of Housing and Urban Development]. Kirkman is regarded as the “Designated Survivor” who is sworn-in as the president unready for what is to come even as he is confronted with a military turbulence from Iran. The series will be showing on the ABC network this fall. It also stars Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto, Italia Ricci, La Monica Garrett, Kal Penn & Maggie Q. The release date is September 21st.


Syfy has surely got something cooking this fall as the release date for “Van Helsing” draws closer. Film-maker Neil LaBute will be behind the scenes for this one as he tells this amazing post-apocalyptic drama alongside directors/co-producers Chad Oakes, Mike Frislev, Simon Barry, Evan Tyler, Zadoc Angell, Dave Brown and Daniel March.

The story is centered around Vanessa Helsing [Kelly Overton] daughter of Abraham Van Helsing who rises as a vampire hunter in a post-apocalyptic world five years into the future to fight against the rebellious vampires that bugs the world. Kelly Overton [True Blood] plays Vanessa Helsing in this action packed film which also stars supporting casts like Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Paul Johansson, David Cubitt and Tim Guinee. The release date for this TV series is September 23rd.


Fans of legal drama [Boston Legal, Suits, The Practice] will certainly be gearing for this one as Josh Berman and Allie Hagan tells the story of a real-life criminal defense attorney “Mark Geragos” and Larry King Live producer “Wendy Walker” whose professional and personal lives are strangely connected.

“Notorious” is certainly gonna be a firecracker this fall as Piper Perabo [as Julia George] and Daniel Sunjata [as Jake Gregorian] both bring the legal charisma like never before. The film also stars Sepideh Moafi, Kate Jennings Grant, Ryan Guzman and Kevin Zegers. The series will be showing on the ABC network. The release date for this one is September 22nd.


Dr Phil McGraw is a trial consultant who assists defense attorneys in providing analysis of the 12-man jury and the witnesses on the stand. Micahel Weatherly plays the much younger Dr Phil McGraw in this highly anticipated series “Bull” this fall. Dr Phil McGraw and Paul Attanasio are the pens behind this awesome American legal drama.

The two will be co-producing with directors like Stephen Spielberg, Mark Goffman, Rodrigo Garcia and Jay McGraw. The film also stars Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, Chris Jackson, Jaime Lee Kirchner and Annabelle Attanasio. The series will be showing on the CBS network. The series is set to be released on September 20th.


You’ve gotta love Dan Fogelman as he’s again behind the scenes for this MLB series “Pitch” which will be showing on the FOX this fall. Fogelman tells the story of a young female pitcher [named Ginny Baker] who becomes the first female to play in the baseball league as she is called up by San Diego Padres. Fogelman combines with directors Rick Singer, Tony Bill, Helen Bartlett and Paris Barclay to tell this amazing story.

The film will star top Major League Baseball players especially from the San Diego Padres team as it was shot in San Diego, California. Kylie Bunbury stars as Ginny Baker for this one. The series will also feature Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mo McRae, Meagan Holder, Tim Jo, Ali Larter, Dan Lauria and Mark Consuelos. The series is set to be released on September 22nd.

So those are Danny’s top ten [10] TV series you’ve gotta see this September. You can always get to see these movies as they come on the different networks that’s if you have DSTV decoder. You could get to see them at different times on any of those networks. But if you ain’t got one, you could always get to download them as the episodes drop on or or or you could just go to and get to see these awesome movies. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on those ten [10] TV series. I’ll be looking forward to it and you should as well. You’re certainly gonna love them. So, until next time, this is Danny world…


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