A lot of people say they weren’t born into a family. Some say they don’t have a family. Some say they don’t need a family. When people speak about family, they’re talking parents and kids. So, when a man doesn’t have parents or siblings or relatives, he doesn’t have a family. Truth is, family is beyond just that. Families are created in friends. Families are created at work. Families are created in the church or mosque. Families are created at school. Families are created even in relationships. The true essence of family is not in the biology but how well they’ve got your back and how much they’re willing to sacrifice for your success and how much you’re willing to give back.

Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of some people in our lives until they’re gone. Sometimes we don’t even see them as family until we’ve got nowhere to turn to. We don’t realize how much we love them until they’re in jeopardy. We all have families one way or another. We all want to feel safe around our families. They say the best moments spent are with families. What about the worst moments? Who’s got your back then? Who’s there to tell you it’s alright you’re gonna get through this?

A family supports your cause. A family pushes you to succeed. A family has always got your best interest at heart. Your true family will never judge you by your mistakes rather recognise you for who you are. Your true family will never turn their backs on you even when everyone seem to have given up on you. The truth is, we’ve all got families whether we were born into one or not. We’ve all got people in our lives who are always on the look out for us. We’ve all got people that contribute to our successes in life. That’s family.

John had just lost his mum who was ill for a while before she died. John lost his father when he was just 10 and now his mother was gone. John had no family left. He was bitter for days.

“Now I’ve got no one left. My family’s gone.” John said in anguish.

“But you’ve got me. You’re never alone. I may not be your brother biologically but I’ve had your back ever since we were kids. We’ve been through the bad times together and we came out of it. We always do. As far as we’ve got each other, we can take on the world. If that’s not family, then I don’t know what is.” James said.

John was relieved for a moment there. He realised he’s always had a family in James.

“Thank you James. Indeed, you’re family.” John said.

“I got you man. We’ll get through this.” James ended.

The toughest times reveal our true allies. While some were born with siblings, some had to find theirs. In the end, a true family is one that stands by its own even when life turns its back. Family is key but a true family is one who never drops the hand even when the chips are down. That is family. Again, we’ve only got each other. This is Danny world…

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