A very warm welcome to y’all. Today on Danny world, we’ll be discussing a very sensitive topic as regards a societal norm. For centuries, it’s been a ritual that once a woman gets married, she adopts her husband’s last name discarding her father’s. Recently, there has been a lot of fuss about this ritual as some women have refused to accept it. A lot of them have argued that adopting your husband’s last name is throwing away your identity. In Africa, it is said that you don’t just adopt his name but his culture and sometimes his native town. Today, we see some women notably celebrities use their husband’s last name and that of their father’s. Would you say it is wrong? Lots of feminist around the world today have also raised strong points on why a woman should keep her last name in marriage.

So the big question today, must a woman adopt her husband’s last name in marriage? Do you think a woman should have a say in this? Should the name even be a problem at all? Share your thoughts right here on Danny world. Tells us what you think today. You’re welcome to Danny world. Let’s talk…

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