Sometimes we desire to be at a certain point in life so much we could kill for. Sometimes these desires so consume us that it becomes the only thing we live for. I found out that as humans, we all want to be at the top. We always aspire to be up there in life. We lament about our current state and wish you would fly to the top some day and all your troubles will be over. But here’s what nobody tells you. You only see that because you’re not there at the moment. It’s only a man at the bottom that thinks the other man at the top has no problems. The troubles we go through in life comes with the stage we are in life. A man at the bottom feels where he is currently is the worst place to be in the world because he hasn’t heard the troubles of the man at the top. The truth is, the problems are not really different they only exist at different levels. Like I would always say

“You’re not the worst person in the world neither are you the best.”

You why? It’s because there is always something better or someone better or worse off than you are. It’s good to wanna be at the top but how ready are you to stay there? Maybe one of the reasons why you’re still where you are is because you don’t have what it takes to stay at the top. You might have what it takes to be at the top but not what it takes to stay there.

Now for you not to crash from the top to the bottom again, you’ve gotta be patient enough to allow yourself go through each phase step by step. In those phases, you’d make mistakes. In those phases, you’d be discouraged. In those phases, you’d be insulted. In those phases, people may not support you. But in all these phases, you must learn from them and maintain the focus. Try to appreciate where you are at the moment so you can always appreciate where you’d be. Time might be of the essence but the most important thing is what we do with it. The time should reveal significant growth only then can you measure progress. Sometimes it calls for re-evaluation. Sometimes we just need to process our desires and think for moment why we want this and how we intend to use it so we can re-structure our plans towards achieving them. Sometimes we don’t need speed but analysis. Sometimes we need to analyse why we are running. We need to process why we do what we do. Sometimes you find out what you were fighting for wasn’t really what you needed. At that point, you might have missed the path.

The inches we need at every point in life are very key to where we should be or where shouldn’t be. Sometimes we don’t see these inches and we miss it and end up at crossroads. At every point in life, we must be able to analyse these points to make sure the dots connect. Sometimes it calls for reflection. This helps you decide the next line of action to take towards achieving your goal. Success is not in how fast it comes but how much of it you’re able to grasp. How much of it stays is what people can identify and say you’re successful. Sometimes it takes us years to obtain success but seconds to lose it. It’s because we’ve failed to learn how to maximize it. Everyone can hold success but not everyone can handle success. At every point in life, we go through challenges needed for each phase. The next phase is always tougher than the previous phase. Never think there is a rest point. The better the bigger the troubles. But for you to be able to survive the next phase, you’ve got to be able to go through this phase to be prepared for the next challenge. For that to happen, you’ve must learn from your mistakes, listen to people and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. That’s how you grow. This is Danny world…

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