An amazing contest I must confess. Since the commencement of the pic of the week challenge, this is the most closely contested battle and I must say big ups to all the contestants. Now last night was amazing as votes kept rolling in at the last hour for notably contestant 01 and contestant 02. At some point, we had a tie. 42 seconds was all it took to make the difference at the last minute. As we all know, Sylvia Ubom led all through the week but Esther Ogboi gave it a tough fight on the last day and one of them eventually pulled it off. One of them emerged winner ahead of the other contestants. The difference was just 2 votes. It was genuinely that tight! Now as at the time originally stipulated to close the voting process which was 10:59pm last night, the votes after that time were regarded as invalid votes. Only the votes on or before that time were counted. Based on that, I would like to reveal the final results of all 4 contestants and declare the winner. These are the results;

Adeba Emmanuel – 49 votes

Onah Happy – 64 votes

Sylvia Ubom – 162 votes

Esther Ogboi – 164 votes

Ladies and Gentlemen, we do have a winner. It is contestant 01 Miss Esther Ogboi who becomes the 2nd winner of the pic of the week online challenge on Danny world since we stopped the judges ratings. A big congratulations to her. She will appear on Danny world’s 5th edition of her publication this month and will receive a N1000 worth of airtime recharge of her preferred network. I must also recognise the effort by Sylvia Ubom for her doggedness all through the competition until the very last. She led until seconds to the end. A very good fight between these two and I applaud that. In the benevolence of my heart and my salute for hard work, I’m giving Sylvia Ubom N500 worth of airtime recharge.

So Esther Ogboi our winner today and our runner up Sylvia Ubom should drop their numbers and preferred networks using the comment box under this post so their airtime can be sent to them.

Once again, I salute all the contestants for participating in this competition. You guys gave it your best shot and know you can always do better. Please watch out for the 5th edition of Danny world’s publication this coming week. Graciàs.

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2 thoughts on “PIC OF THE WEEK RESULTS

  1. I want to say a big thank you to God, my friends, Fam and everyone who voted for me.I say Thank you also to the CEO of Dannyworld,you saw my effort and you are rewarding me for it,that is only done with a good heart. To my fellow contestant and winner, Esther, you were a worthy opponent,However I’ll be more ready next time. This is my number:09056853334. Once again, I salute you all.


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