Sometimes situations of life pull you down and you feel like hope is distant. It takes you down you never think getting back up is ever possible. Life’s tough no doubt. The trials of this world will cloud your mind. Fill it with darkness that you never think light is feasible. Now you’re filled with sadness, disgust, frustration, hate and worries all at the same time. Sometimes you feel like calling it quit.

But here is what no one tells you, you can always make it out. At that point, all you might need is just a little distraction to forget. Maybe distractions are not so terrible after all. At that point, you can’t think straight so don’t even ponder on it for long. Look for something that makes you happy and substitute it for all the pain you feel on the inside. Don’t let your thoughts cloud the real you until the real you is non-existent. Always hang on to that believe that all things in life are happening to you to make a better you. Scriptures says,

“All things are working for my good…”

Hold on to such thoughts that no matter what happens, it’s always gonna add up in the end. Sometimes that’s all we need to hold on to when we’re in that dark place. Believe is not just having hope for a better turn out but standing by it. It’s saying no matter how hard the storm blows, I remain rocky. It may not seem so at that point but when you’re out of that dark place, then possibilities show up again. You’re only seeing impossibilities because of where you are at that point. When there were no troubles you saw clearly so why should a temporary hitch make you switch sides?

It tells you one thing, we can only see to the extent we’ve been able exposed to. Take your mind to something else that brings you joy. Do something that brings you happiness. Chill out for a moment and when you’re done, you’ll find out that there is actually a way around this seemingly turbulent situation. It tells you something, a tough situation can blur a clear vision. Suddenly, the future you once thought was feasible becomes very much distant. Doubt sets in and you’re falling like a pack of cards. What happened to that confident you?

What happened to that tough you? What happened to that brave you? Who happened to that spirited you that believed anything was possible? That part of you died because of one bad day. Yeah it was just a bad day. You know why? It’s because they are better days ahead. Today, might have been terrible but that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be terrible as well. Never let anyone or anything dash your hope because that’s what you need to keep moving.

Hope tells you it’s gonna get better. Hope tells you you’re gonna make it. Hope tells you you’re not an outcast. Hope tells you you’ve got what it takes. Hope in who (God) brought you here and in who (You) he’s created is all you need to keep taking the hits and keep moving forward. Don’t let one thought change your whole life. There is always a way around it. Get your confidence back on. Get you back on. It’s just a TWITCH causing a HITCH but never you put off the SWITCH. Don’t pull the PLUG cause it’s the only requirement for a BOOT and eventually PURPOSE. Connect the dots. This is Danny world…

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