They say the worst disease in the world is called IGNORANCE. I do agree. A man who has got his mind clouded with thoughts of his and disregards ideas, perceptions and inventions of others is an IGNORANT man. An IGNORANT man is a destitute to learning. An IGNORANT mind is a closed mind. An unrefined mind is one that rejects anything unfamiliar to it. An ignorant man gets irritated at knowledge. An IGNORANT man exhort himself in his folly. IGNORANCE they say creates a mindset. In most cases, the wrong mindset. Knowledge is accessed as much as you’re able to expose yourself to. But an IGNORANT man exposes himself to nothing but himself. An IGNORANT man is always right and never wrong. He surrounds himself around false self-pleasing facts. Only his words make meaning to him.

Now growth is as result of how much is ingested. So if I’m not ingesting, then I can’t grow. If a man is IGNORANT, it means he is against growth. If I always feel mine is what counts and never relate with the thoughts of others, then I’ve only succeeded in failing in life. You know why? It’s because life’s all about progress and this progress can only come as a result of what’s been heard, learnt and practiced. It’s difficult to convince an IGNORANT man cause your words will only fall to the ground and not the ears.

John never listens to James because he thinks he knows better. John says

“James, I think if you start preparing now for your exams in 3 months, you stand a better chance of making it this time. I mean considering what happened the last time, late preparation didn’t work out well for you. You can’t keep doing one thing every time and expect a different result.”

James is already displeased at John’s suggestion even though he knows it to be the right thing to do. James replies

“…Last time was just unfortunate for me but trust me this time I’ve got it covered. I like to prepare at the last hours to exams. That’s when I really recall what I’ve read. So don’t worry about me John.”

John is worried. This was the same thing James said the last time and he failed woefully. John can’t handle watching him make the same mistake again. John says

“But this was what you said the last time and performed poorly. Apparently, that method doesn’t work. Why not try something else my friend?”

James is irritated at this point. John is beginning to push it. So James says

“…You know what? We’re done. This discussion is over. Get a life and let others live theirs. You always think you can correct people’s lives. How about yours? Maybe you should face yours and leave me alone. You don’t get to dictate what I do or don’t do. You’re not my father!”

James has become angry at knowledge. At this point, John is thinking he shouldn’t have suggested anything to his friend cause he didn’t seem to appreciate it much. James has refused to accept that life is a learning environment not a place for self-conviction. If everyone believed having it their own way was the best way then places like school wouldn’t have been necessary.

Embrace new things, try them and let those things become part of you and make progress. Keep an open mind. Don’t let people regret they ever made a suggestion to you cause that might just be the last time. Be wise today. Don’t be like James. Do things differently. This is Danny world…

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