A great nation, a great people, a great land filled with enormous resources but with little results. Question is, how great is such a nation? Great people ought to produce great achievements. Nigeria is a great nation but with little achievements. You ask why? It’s because we’ve failed to work as giants even when the world calls us giants of Africa. A nation that has everything but has failed to attain it’s full capacity. It’s independence day again, we may be ageing but are we really growing? How well are we developing as a country? We can certainly do better than we are doing currently. Think about this, South Africa is certainly not 50 but they’ve been able to achieve recognizable economic developments even in such a short time than Nigeria. Nigeria certainly posses a whole lot than any other African country but if we don’t work in that realization, we might really not attain that height we all desire to see.

President Buhari said this in his independence speech earlier this morning. He said “We have all the attributes of a great nation. We are not there yet because the one commodity we have been unable to exploit to the fullest is unity of purpose…” I agree with the president. The president mentioned a key ingredient we might be lacking as a nation which is unity of purpose. Nigeria may be populated, we may have diverse languages or even diverse idealogies but one thing we must have is a sense of direction as one regardless of our tribes. When a purpose is achieved then it must reflect on the people and the world stage. The greater goal shouldn’t be what’s in it for the my people? But what’s in it for everyone? Ethnicity may be a problem but it’s something we must change individually so we can move forward. Once the mindset is changed the course of direction of that man is also changed.

We must start making fast rising development. We shouldn’t be playing in the third tier when we should be playing with the top dogs in the world. This can only happen when take off the roadblocks and ride on our strengths. It’s a work in progress but we can certainly increase the pace so we don’t lose the race. We must generate from this phase to a phase the world expects from us. It’s high time we stop playing mediocre when we were born to be the best. We need to pick up the pace cause the world is fast rising everyday. We may not be at the same par but we can certainly compete. Let’s not just celebrate independence and forget what’s really important which is actual economic growth and development. When our leaders have this mindset, I think they can inspire the people to head in this direction. Like a man once said I’m only making common sense. God bless Nigeria and from Danny world, we say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…

One thought on “NIGERIA AT 55

  1. True talk Danny.. We all should stop complaining about the problem, instead we should map out reasonable strategies on how we can move this country forward.


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