Sometimes I ask myself if I would ever become known by the world someday. Sometimes I ask myself if I may ever get to the top. I ask myself if I may ever achieve my dreams. Sometimes I even wonder why I do what I do. Each and every one of us ask ourselves such questions every single day seeking answers from within which never seem realistic. We all want to know what the future holds for us. We seek about the future so we would know what to do with the present. Sometimes you even ask am I ever going to be successful? You ask these questions cause the present doesn’t seem to give you much hope any longer.

Perhaps if people were allowed to see their future, they would change their present approach. If I discover my future is full of poverty and lack then I’ll change my reactions towards the present so I don’t actually fall into that future. If I also discover my future is full of success and affluence then I would want to work more now so that can be achieved less I become the opposite of my dreams. The truth is you can’t see the future you can only picture the future and what you do now controls the future.

People keep asking about what the future holds but they never ask about what they can do now. The present is what the future holds. The present is what determines the future. A change in the present will result in a change in the future. Question is what kind of change is applied? Good or Bad?Sometimes we worry too much about our inadequacies rather than focusing on our strengths and what we can do to become better. What you do now will make people in the future ask you how? Questions like how did you do it? What were you thinking? We all choose our future. We choose the kind of life we want to have by what we do now.

The truth is the present propels the future. It’s the future’s platform. The present is the bedrock of the future. A foundation to success or failure. Maybe that’s why they say the end justifies the means. Work with the known not the unknown cause that’s the only way to get the answer to the unknown. The truth is if you can picture it then you can be it. If I can see it then I’m qualified to be it no matter the situations. I’m saying work with what you can change less it becomes a past you can never change. This is Danny world…

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