Time, they say changes things. I say time and works changes things. Time, they say heals all wounds. I say time and works heals all wounds. Time, they say will always tell. I say time and works will always tell. Time is an irreversible element of events which transcends from the past, the present and the future regulating activities. Time is not just an hour in life but our lives. Time is never retrogressive rather ever progressive. Time waits for no one. Now works are what we do with time. Works are efforts, functions and appointments given to time. It means if I don’t work, time will always keep running. The reason why things never really change for us is because a lot of us wait for time and expect things to happen. Time changes every second but works per second is what makes time count. So it means if I stop working with time, I will always play catch up. A time-out is a time bomb to a time-up.

A man who sits down and expects things to just work for him is only wasting time cause nothing is ever going to happen except he does something. Time changes but that change is only relevant to you when your work with the time yields result. Nothing happens when nothing is done. Today only becomes yesterday tomorrow when we fail to make today count so tomorrow can be great and we don’t get to regret our works of yesterday. If you keep living in today, yesterday will catch up with you. Works give meaning to time. A man who got shot in his shoulder and decides to do nothing about his injury because he believes time will heal his wounds will only die with time. Healing will only come when you take care of the wounds. If you wait for time to tell, life will tell on you.

A lady who folds her hands and keeps hoping for a husband without changing her attitude towards men waiting on time to tell. Time will only tell her she’s getting old when she’s 40. When you fail to work with time, you always live your present. Whatever you do with time will determine the result it will yield. If I did nothing with my time then I should expect nothing from that time. If I invested in my time then I should expect a yield from my time. If I did not read for that exam then I shouldn’t expect to pass that exam. Plan and work make time effective. It’s not just enough to plan but to be able to follow through is what makes the difference. Things just don’t happen. Things happen because people make it happen and those things don’t happen with time but they happen with works.

A man who sows shall certainly reap. The question is what kind of reap? His reap is dependent on what he does with the seed sown. Now two things can only happen to that seed. It’s either it germinates or withers. If I want that seed to grow and yield good harvest then I must be ready to water that seed everyday to affirm that result. Now if I also want that seed to wither off then I could as well just go to bed and relax and keep waiting for harvest. Trust me, on the day of harvest, you will harvest nothing because you failed to work. A time well invested will surely reap a time of harvest. Your knowledge today is not dependent on how much time you spent studying but how much you were able to make out of that book in that time.

When a man lacks an idea of what to do with time, sleeping becomes interesting. Work proof time in one’s life. In my final analysis, works ask questions of time but time make conclusive sentences of our works. It will never work unless you put it work. A car will never move unless you drive it. If time is life then it means our works in life determine our results with time. Know this today, it will never change if I don’t do anything about it. Nothing happens to something when nothing is done to change anything about that thing. Again, I say, time and works changes things not time. This is Danny world…

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