A man with open ears is of more value than a man with an open mouth. How much we are able to produce from our hearts and mouths is tied to how much we’ve been able to hear. A girl once told her father not to accept the offer from a big firm in the country even though the offer was mouth watering. She pleaded with her father to stay put at his current work place because a good name was better than riches she said. Her father was hell bent on leaving his job claiming his kid didn’t know anything about business. So he took the job. Two months later, his new firm was hit with a major money laundry scandal and the top officials at the firm were apprehended leaving the company in total shreds. Her father was left without a job. You might wanna ask, what if he had listened to his daughter? Perhaps he wouldn’t have lost his job. One thing comes to mind at this point, no one is too big or too little to learn from. A good listener never misses his way because he’s always ready to learn. A good listener thrives on information and because information is power he becomes an embodiment of knowledge daily. You’re not the worst in the world neither are you the best in the world. You know why? It’s because life’s progressive.

People who fail to listen fail to progress cause they’ve only succeeded in limiting themselves to the extent they’ve come to know and have refused to accommodate others. If you didn’t need people then God should have created just you. A stiff head is a stiff life. People love to associate themselves with listeners cause they know someone is always ready to hear them talk and at the end there are results. A man who listens is wise. Words are life and they direct your thoughts. It means if I give myself to more hearing and not just hearing but getting the right information, then I can only get better by the day. A good listener is ever replenished and can only reproduce fresh and useful information. The only way to know a new product is in town is when you hear about it. A man who is a rebel to words of wisdom is only a rebel to growth. Sometimes it’s better to progress with information knowledge than experience. The truth is, experience may just teach you the hard way and the hard way will only bring you nothing but pain. Listening is an essential aspect of relationships, friendships and even in business environment. Do I take instructions?

Life’s not all sunshine but the ability for anyone to survive when the storm comes along is tied to how much we’ve been able to know or acquire. A man who never listened to people when he had everything will certainly not find those people when everything is all gone. You ask why? It’s because he failed to understand that nothing lasts forever. You say you want to do your things your own way but one question please. How far has ‘your own way’ brought you? Maybe you should ask yourself that. It’s still same old you. You only aged but nothing changed about you. Now being a rebel to change has formed you and it does seem like the best way of living your life shutting out the whole world cause you feel their words don’t count. Trust me they won’t count when it all comes crashing down. A good name they say matters more than riches. What do people see you as? At times, we think how people see us really doesn’t count but to a great extent it counts because like it or not they form the kind of relationship they want to have with you or some don’t even wanna have anything to do with you at all. Some people don’t know they act in some way until they are told.

Knowing your problem is the first step to a solution. But here’s the irony, some people know their problems and don’t wanna do anything about it or they just play a blind eye to it even when people are talking. I call it SELF-PARADISE. A place where you’re so comfortable with yourself to the point where no one matters only you. A place where the thoughts of people are so distant they don’t even come close. It’s worst paradise in the world. The most successful people in the world today never got to where they are today in SELF-PARADISE. They took to instructions and contributions and today those things made a huge part of them. Sometimes our nasty attitudes which we don’t wanna change gives people the wrong impression about us. The truth is, we never really give them the chance to know the real us (the nice us). Sometimes that one bad attitude you don’t wanna change may just be used as a stereotype for you and people never get to see the actual you. Don’t be that way. Be flexible. Be a good listener. Learn to adjust at all times cause life is not enjoyed but boring when you go solo. You’re a charming person on the inside. Why not let people see that? Words shape our lives. Don’t throw those words to the ground cause one day you might just fall with them. This is Danny world…

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