There are two major reasons why relationships fail in our world today. The first is CHEATING while the second is MONEY. We’re gonna be looking at the first reason which is CHEATING and how it affects relationships as well as why couples engage in cheating. Cheating is not being faithful to your spouse. Cheating is a violation of the couple code which is faithfulness to your partner. Cheating is the only valid and justifiable reason for a break up or separation even God consents it. Now you ask yourself this question, why would you claim to love someone so much you wanna die for them and then you end up cheating on that person with someone who sometimes you don’t even love? A guy tells you he loves you today and the next day he’s in bed with another lady probably telling her the same thing. Cheating comes with lies cause suddenly, you lying to cover what you started to protect what you already lost. Now you ask why do couples even cheat? What’s then essence of love? Hold on a second, we’re gonna be analysing five (5) reasons why couples cheat and how this issue can be addressed right here on Danny world.

Now you asked why couples cheat in relationships? This is why;

  1. IT WAS NEVER LOVE – Some relationships are not even built on love rather they are built on facial or material reasons. This is why you find out men cheat on their wives after they’ve had kids and then he doesn’t see his wife as that same beautiful nice shaped lady that rocked his boat 5 years ago. Now because he loves ‘beautiful nice shaped’ and he doesn’t see that in his wife anymore, he goes on to look for that in another lady outside marriage. Question is did he ever love this woman? I don’t think so I think he loved ‘beautiful nice shaped’. He never really loved that woman for her but for her beauty. True love never fades but beauty does and so does love for it. For some, is the money or the fame and by the time you don’t have that anymore you’re irrelevant to them and so they go to look for money outside the relationship.
  2. BAD SEX- This mostly happens with the women who complain of their man not being able to satisfy them in bed and so automatically they want to find that pleasure in another man. It’s a case of if the sex is bad then cheating becomes inevitable. Sometimes the man can’t measure up to the lady’s high orgasm in bed then there is a problem and this is where the effect of communication comes into play. Now if the couple don’t talk about it then the person on the receiving end starts to weigh his/her options. But if they do talk about it then adjustments can be made and then the sex can be better. Most couples have this problem but a couple that is willing to talk about it tends to go through it. So yeah, bad sex leads to cheating.

  3. YOU’RE NOT VALUABLE- A man who values you will never cheat on you no matter what. A man who appreciates you will never want to do anything to hurt you. A woman who is proud of her man will always hold him in high esteem and will always want to make that man happy. When something is precious to someone it means it’s valuable and he appreciates it and will probably do anything to make sure it’s never taken away from him. But for a thing which is not of value to man, he could care less about whatever happens to that thing cause he never appreciated it in the first place. This also applies to a couple. If I don’t appreciate my woman I would keep hurting her and I could care less of how she feels. One who cheats doesn’t value what he has.

  4. NAGGING- This mostly happens with the women. No man likes a nagging lady as his woman. No man wants a woman who constantly quarrels at him. Every man wants a woman who would calm their nerves after a hard day not make home uncomfortable for him to rest. A woman who constantly nags is only driving her man to seek comfort outside and when he seeks comfort outside, your relationship is gone. Suddenly, he doesn’t want to be around you anymore cause he’s scared you will nag at every given opportunity and so he keeps his distance, secrets, late nights and sleepovers. At that point, you’ve killed that relationships cause then you no longer communicate on the same level or even agree on anything. If your man finds comfort in another lady outside then you would have yourself to blame.

  5. INSECURITY- Insecurity is lack of trust in your spouse which leads to constant inference. When you don’t trust your partner, you kill the foundation of the relationship. Every relationship should be built on trust and when that is compromised then your relationship is only going to collapse. A guy who watches his woman’s movements all the time to know if he’s lady is cheating on him is only a sign that he doesn’t trust his woman. Now when the woman finds out the man is insecure, she also question her man’s trust for her and then, it becomes a case of both parties not trusting each other. Insecurity only leaves you with assumptions which most times are not even true. Insecurity also leads to nagging. Insecurity is seeing problems where there are not. This further tear the relationship apart more than bringing it together. When she finds that trust in another guy then you become obsolete and in no time your relationship too.

Now those are Danny’s five (5) reasons why couples cheat. Let me say this, if he cheats on you and you forgive him the first time you will keep forgiving him cause he will certainly cheat on you again. These reasons are not to justify the act of cheating but to make us see reasons why people cheat and be able to address the problem from the root and know how to correct these little errors we make in relationships. I will always say this, a talking relationship is a successful relationship. A relationship that talks, works. Things are only resolved or addressed when we talk. If you don’t feel good about something in the relationship talk to him/her about it. Make him/her feel your pain and joy that way you create a bond. You create a connection that is hard to break till a point when you can’t do without talking to him/her for a minute cause there is always something to talk about. Cheating is bad but cheating is not the issue to be addressed but the reasons. This is Danny world…

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