A lot of people pursue success as a matter of fact everyone wants to be successful and what society defines as success is wealth, fame and fortune. Everyone talks about being successful but not many of us talk about having ‘Good Success’ because the image of success painted by society has overshadowed our thoughts. What is success? Success is achieving results and being recognized for those results achieved. Success is having results in intended aims. Now to the society, popularity and wealth represents success. This is how a lot of people view success but there is a different and better view to success which I will bring to your realization today. So many of us want success which is good but how many of us want good success? Now you want to ask what is good success? Don’t worry I’ll tell you. Good success is that success which reveals fulfillment within and evidence of that fulfillment on the outside. Good success is realizing your dreams, living your dreams and people being affected positively by your dreams. Good success is that success which is never forgotten. Good success is making positive impact.

The question is of what good is your success if people are not affected? You might be wealthy and famous and people know you but how many people really feel you? Good success brings the importance of always giving back. This why the philanthropist will always excel cause people are affected by what he possesses and through that little gesture, he becomes a hero to many. Success says ‘that man was well-known’ but good success says ‘that man changed my life’ the question is what do you want people to say about you when you’re gone? I’m sure you must be wondering how do I go about this good success? It’s very simple you just need to follow these five (5) important steps and you’re on the right track. Now I came up with five (5) keys to good success. Five things you must do to achieve good success. They are;

  1. ACKNOWLEDGING GOD – This is the first and perhaps the most important key of all. Most people fail to recognize that God should be involved in whatever they are doing. You’re alive because God wants you to live for a purpose and so when you carry him along he makes your path straight. Hear this, there is no good success without God. So acknowledge your creator.
  2. YOUR ATTITUDE – They say your attitude attracts good things so if my attitude is right then things will be right for me. A lot of us want success but not many of us want to change our attitude to success so even when that success comes we can’t handle the dynamics that comes with it. You wonder why a man will be successful and still wants to commit suicide? It’s because he never changed his attitude before now. If my life will affect people then my attitude and everything about me must be right.

  3. FOCUS/HARDWORK – When I have a goal then I must be ready to do whatever it takes for me to achieve that goal. This is where focus and hardwork comes into play. How ready are you? How focused are you? I must be able to ask myself these questions and then begin to prepare myself. To be successful is stressful but we need to be faithful doing the needful so we’re not slothful. We need to keep faith with the course.

  4. BE THANKFUL – A lot of people are waiting to make it big before they can be thankful with what they have. The little you have now be thankful for it and let people have a feel of it. The fact is when you’re thankful in little when you have much you would also be thankful with it. If you’re thankful with N5000 then you’ll be thankful with $5000. Like I said in an article, appreciation brings multiplication.

  5. GIVE BACK – When you make that dream and the money starts rolling in never forget where you started. Most people started from the bottom but forget the bottom when they are at the top. Always recognize that they are a lot of people who are not as privileged as you are and put smiles on their faces. Your greatest joy should be putting smiles on the faces of people. If one person could smile just at the thought of you then you’re successful. Indeed, good deeds are good seeds.

So these are the five keys to good success and I’m sure by now you have a better knowledge of what good success actually means. So what’s it gonna be? Success or Good Success? I’m sure you’ve made your choice. This is Danny World!

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