A good day to y’all and you’re welcome to Danny the show that brings you the total package. Today on the show we’ll be speaking to a very important personality. She’s a final year microbiology student of the university of Benin. She’s an entrepreneur, a dance instructor, owns the Elite academy and a co-organizer of the grandest university award show called the ‘Uniben Awards’ she is definitely an epitome of creativity. Danny world caught up with Egaure Maureen and here is how the interview went.
Danny: Today on the show we have Egaure Maureen a student of the university of Benin who is going to be talking to us majorly about the ‘Uniben Awards’ and some other works of hers…So Maureen tell us a bit about yourself.
Maureen: I’m Maureen a final year student of Microbiology in the university of Benin. I’m from Benin the last born of my family. I own a company called Elite Gold Company and I run an academy called Elite Academy which is majorly for dancers, modeling, make up…basically anything creative associated with the arts. That’s about that for now.
Danny: Okay Maureen you’re in final year. How does it feel to be in your final year in the university?
Maureen: It’s been a wonderful journey from 100 level till now. Being final year now only shows that everything that has a beginning always has an end. I can say I’m happy and sad at the same to be in my finals.
Danny: Happy and sad? How do you mean?
Maureen: Happy because I’ve gone this far and sad because I will surely get to miss so many people when I’m finally done. It’s a mixed feeling.
Danny: Awww she’s gonna be leaving me soon that hurts.
Maureen: LOL
Danny: Don’t worry I can deal…LOL. Okay now I know you have a dance academy?
Maureen: Yeah…actually we are working on our first ever dance academy looking to bring in people of like minds to show forth what they’ve got but it’s still coming up though.
Danny: What’s the name?
Maureen: The Elite Academy not just for dancers. It also involves modeling, make up anything involving creativity. The reason why it seems like it’s all dance is probably because I dance.
Danny: About the dance. I know you dance and I’ve seen you dance. You’re great dancer how did it all start for you? Especially for a girl how did it all start?
Maureen: Hmmm before I came into school I never liked dancing at all and I saw people doing dancing as people wasting their time. Now when I came into school I saw some crazy guys do some awesome movements and I just fell in love not with the dance actually but with the story behind the dance itself. The story was what made me pick interest in dancing and now I can’t do without dancing a day LOL.
Danny: Hmm what a transformation LOL… So how has Uniben been for you from 100 level till now? Describe Uniben in some words.
Maureen: Wow Uniben… People call it Unistress but I call it Uniwonder reason is, this is where you see things you’ve never seen before. When you come out from Uniben you can face anything in life that’s what one thing that’s sure. From 100 level till now it’s been an awesome experience. There were times when I felt like I should go back home. There were times when you read day and night and it seems like you’re just wasting your time. You read like hell and your result doesn’t tally with the efforts you put in. Sometimes courses you didn’t perform too well you see yourself getting good grades. Times when you struggle to pay your school fees and apply for hostel and you won’t get. Also, there were times when it was all politics and you had to be active. But in all, I would say that Uniben has been wonderful all thanks to God.
Danny: Hmmm words of experience from you there. I hope I could take a cue from you LOL
Maureen: LOL you’ll get there too
Danny: Okay. So the ‘Uniben awards’ you’re a co-organizer of this big show. Tell us about the show. What to expect and stuffs like that.
Maureen: It’s an award show for Uniben students organized by LET, House of Lola, Elite Gold, Triple E, Uniben gossip and other organizers coming together to organize this show to reward the best students in school, students in and out of the system, lecturers, graduates, academic and non-academic staffs, even those who have passed on and basically giving back to the school. Looking for a common ground for everyone to unite.
Danny: Hmmm sounds really big to me. It’s the maiden edition?
Maureen: Yes it’s the first edition. We’ve been having other shows but nothing like this certainly. This is really big!
Danny: When is the show? Let our listeners and readers know.
Maureen: Hmmm actually the show was supposed to come up in march but due to the elections, we shifted it to second semester where activities will be more. We’re using this semester to search for people with promising qualities. So second semester you guys should get geared up!
Danny: Hmmm so now you guys know. Now I know you’re working on a magazine. Just give us a tip about the mag.
Maureen: Wow Elite magazine has always been what I always wanted to do. Initially, I wanted to make it all dance but then a friend suggested I should go round. Make it about the arts and creativity…common ground as it were.
Danny: Hmm so break the news to us. When are we seeing the magazine?
Maureen: The magazine will be out when I’m done with a test production I’m currently working on then we will launch the magazine.
Danny: So when exactly?
Maureen: I may be out of school by then cause it’s really going to take a lot of time to finalize but I’m still going to make it happen in school cause this is where I belong.
Danny: Getting ready for that one too. You’re an entrepreneur I must say very creative. You’re able to get involved in so many things in school. You really know how to hold your own and I must appreciate you for that. This is very encouraging one other girls should take a cue from.
Maureen: Awww thank you very much
Danny: Okay maybe we should divert a bit. Valentine came and went…how did you spend your valentines’ day?
Maureen: Hmm it was the best valentine ever.
Danny: Wow really??? I wanna hear all about it
Maureen: It was the best cause I was with a lot of dancers at sports complex having people around made me feel really happy. Went back to my hostel got ready for another rehearsals came back and went to study. So that was the best valentine ever.
Danny: What! How can that be??? I thought you went out with some guy or something…LOL
Maureen: LOL No oooo…I was with people who made me really happy not just dancers this time, basketballers, footballers and the volleyball guys came around and we really had fun.
Danny: What a valentines’ day…oh well. So Maureen what do you have to say about the elections coming up?
Maureen: I’m not much of a politics person though.
Danny: Actually no one likes politics LOL
Maureen: LOL some people do though. All I can say is this. Sometimes we youths sell our votes not realizing that this person is gonna lead us for the next four years. I don’t want to say it will either be bloody or calm I’ll just say expect the unexpected so you’re not surprised at the end of the day. So pray for this country and vote wisely don’t vote cause of the past vote for what you see in the future and we hope this elections will be a life changing experience for us.
Danny: Hmmm so are you voting?
Maureen: No
Danny: Why is that?
Maureen: I did my registration in Lagos so I can’t go back to get the PVC just not worth the stress. LOL
Danny: at all LOL… Alright, we’ve been speaking to Egaare Maureen a final year student of Microbiology in the university of Benin. A young entrepreneur who is doing great things for herself and people out there. A co-organizer of the Uniben awards and the owner Elite Academy. Thanks for coming on the show.
Maureen: Thank you so much I’m very happy to be here.
Danny: I hope when next we call you up you would show up ?
Maureen: Yeah certainly
Danny: A word to those out there listening or reading about you right now. What do you have to say to them?
Maureen: Some words please. Come march 12th -15th university of Benin is gonna be experiencing the explosion of creativity. We’re actually coming out with the first ever Mega Workshop on campus. We’ll be having some professors gracing this showcase like professor Ogolo both in the main campus and Ekewan campus. The grand show will be on the 15th of march, 2015 where we would experience massive production. To my fans, y’all are my greatest motivation the reason why I’m doing all these breaking out of my norm it’s all because of you. You keep me going so I would say keep supporting and believing in me and we’ll move on to greater heights.
Danny: Wow so Uniben get ready for the mega workshop march 12th -15th expect an explosion!
Maureen: The forms are out it’s a 1000 naira for any category you want. Be it dance, model, make up, graphic designing, blogging and so on. You can get your forms at Nescafe Lounge, Matice and you could get your forms from Danny himself LOL.
Danny: Yeah and if you’re getting a form from me it’s has to be 1500 naira LOL.
Maureen: LOL 1500?
Danny: It’s a small money some girls spend more than that a day right?
Maureen: Yeah true
Danny: There you go then LOL. Alright we’ve come to the end of the show for today and I want to say a big thank you to our guest Maureen for coming. So until next time, this is Danny world.

I’m sure you learned a lot from our guest Maureen today and if you want to be like Maureen on d show please contact Danny today on his various social media platforms and you could just be on the show. This is Danny world…

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