Sometimes we allow other people’s thoughts about us make us doubt who we really are. There are over 7 billion people on earth including you which means you’re as important as the next person. Now if I’m equal to the next person, it also means we both have the right to opinions so why should his opinion or theory as it were overshadow mine? We all have different qualities and those qualities is what makes us unique. It means there is something I have that the other person doesn’t have. Oh so if I’m unique then why should I allow people define or make judgments about me. People will always talk try to ruin your confidence but what really counts is what you think about yourself. People will always say, the question is what do you say? People will always judge you from the outside but have no idea on what’s on the inside. People will ask what makes you think you’re special? But your response should be ‘I don’t just think I know I’m special and someday you’ll see that’

Great men are not those who allowed people define them but those who define for themselves who they are. Sometimes people look at our past and question our actions of today. It shouldn’t be that way cause yesterday is gone and what you do today is what really matters. Oh I can’t change yesterday because I didn’t know who I am but today I know so I can change it. Knowing who you are means identifying for yourself your true worth and what really makes you stand out. The only time people’s thoughts will count is when you don’t know who you are. So make a choice of whether you want to be tossed around or stand for what is true. So I guess the big question is who are you? You have to ask yourself that question who am I? Only then can you move on. This is Danny world!

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