It’s a beautiful day a day full of love and I could just feel the love in the air. A day set aside to show love to the people dear to our hearts and by that I mean those in relationships or married couples. Now I’ve found out that most people seem not to agree with this notion of valentine being for lovers only. Some say valentine should be the day when we show love to people we don’t even know. Some say love should be celebrated everyday. Some say valentine have been bastardized because of the vices that has occurred in recent times. But some people have also gone against this and said if christmas is not celebrated everyday then why should valentine be celebrated everyday? It’s a world of different opinions or views as it were about today. Right here on Danny world we want to know where you stand in all of these. Do you think valentine should be for lovers only? Do you think it’s something that be celebrated everyday? Tell us right here on Danny world. What say you? You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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