Appreciation is the key to multiplication I always say and until people begin to realize the importance of appreciation then we’ll keep standing on one spot. Most times, we tend to dwell more on the bad times than on the good times which shouldn’t be the case. The good times are those moments in our lives that makes us smile that brings us happiness those moments spent with the people you love. It could be with family or friends, colleagues or perhaps with your partner. The fact that you are alive to experience such blissful moments is a privilege one which you should be grateful to God about. Those moments may seem little or insignificant but those are the moments that really count in our lives and those are the moments you always want to relish. Bad times brings us only sad memories but those are the moments we seem to remember a lot as painful as it may seem. We easily forget the happy times and allow the bad times cloud our thoughts. Bad times hurt understandably so, but would you keep dwelling on pain rather than smiling in joy? Yeah I didn’t think so. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we plan but the little we have should our greatest motivation. I would say if you want to appreciate learn to appreciate.

I always learn to say thank you to God for the people in my life those ones who have made me feel loved and want to live more. So the next time you have a bad day and you feel like getting out of bed is difficult, think again, like they say it’s just a bad day not a bad life. That’s just one aspect of your life which shouldn’t be the basis for hasty conclusions. So go out have fun create exciting moments for yourself so when you’re old you don’t regret you never had those moments. They say life is short so within that short time I should be spending it on good times rather than living in bad times don’t you think so? This is Danny world!

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