Every year we make resolutions about how we want to become better persons but as the days go by, we find out that those resolutions doesn’t feature at all and then we just keep ending the year the same way we came in. Everyone wants to get better but how many are really ready to get better and when I say ‘ready’ I mean ready to do the needful to get better. Now what does it mean to get better? It means improving at what you do constantly. It’s a change or rather a transformation from point to another. You want to get better in your academics, you want to get better in your relationships, you want to get better in your spiritual life, you want to get better in your work life or perhaps you want to get better attitude wise. Whatever it is you just want to become a better person but that change only comes when you are ready to do the needful to get the change you desire. Some people say time changes things but I think doing things changes things. If I’m not ready to work then I shouldn’t expect results in this case positive results. Life doesn’t go easy on those who just fold their hands and wait for things to happen. Now sometimes it’s difficult to embrace change especially the good changes but then if I really want to improve then I should be ready to embrace what comes with the package. Now you ask yourself what do I do to get this change? What do I do to become a better person? Danny came up with five things you must do to become better. Follow through please.

  1. KNOW YOUR PROBLEM: First things first, if I don’t know I have a problem then how do I get better? Some people do not want to accept they have a problem that’s why they can’t even start the process of improvement. The first step is for you to know your problem, accept you have a problem and then you can know how to tackle that problem. So yeah know your problem that’s the first step to resolution.
  2. HAVE A MIND-SET: Now you know you have a problem so the next thing is having a mind-set that you can change that situation. When you have a mind-set then you can focus or channel all your energy towards becoming better. A mind-set keeps your gaze on the target at hand which is very important.

  3. READ BOOKS: Now we have self-development books around get books like that and read for yourself. These days we get scared of reading books then go online search for write ups or even uploaded versions of books online and read stuffs like that. Now even the bible helps us a lot especially when it comes to our spiritual lives. God wants the best for us and so if I must get better I should carry God along. So yeah read books.

  4. ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE MINDS: They say bad manners corrupt good manners so it means if I associate myself with good manners then they will influence me positively. Sometimes people have problems and reason why they still go back to their problem is because people around them make them believe they can’t change and so they just keep getting worse even when the will is there for a change. It simply means if I surround myself with positive people then positive things will happen to me.

  5. CONTINUOUS PRACTICE: Now most people just do it once and they think they’re good but the truth is, it’s a continuous process it never stops you just have to keep at it so it becomes a part of you. They say practice makes perfect so if I keep getting better then I will always get better. There is never a best you but always a better you reason is we’re humans and the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. For the change to be effective then I must keep working. Now you’re better off than you were so work more to get better than where you are now. So yeah keep on keeping on…

Now those are Danny’s five (5) things you must do to get better. Follow through and you’ll be just fine. For you not to end every year like the last then these five steps are important. Now perhaps you have a question, contribution or perhaps something else you wanna talk about? Feel free to drop your comments right here on Danny world. This is Danny world and we bring you the total package! Let’s talk.

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