Hello everybody and you’re on to Danny world the show that brings you the total package. Now today on the show we’ll be speaking to a very interesting character a fun loving one at that. She’s a student of the great university of Benin. Danny world caught up with Imhansoloeva Louisa Ose and here is what she had to say to us. Danny’s interview with Ose.
Danny: So Ose, tell us about yourself in a bit. Who is Ose?
Ose: Alright…I’m Imhansoloeva Ose a student of the university of Benin 200 level Accounting. I’m from Edo State…I’m dark not short also not tall. I think that’s all for now others would come as the show goes by.
Danny: Okay so guys for those of you who haven’t seen her she aint tall in case you like the tall girls
Ose: Hahaha
Danny: So how has university of Benin been like for you?
Ose: Hmmm Uniben is very good school
Danny: You think it lives up to the hype?
Ose: Yeah it does. Comes with the stress you know how it goes…LOL just resumed the semester and they are already dealing with us as you can see I’m stressed out myself.
Danny: But I’m actually not seeing stressed out. You’re looking fresh and fine
Ose: Hahaha don’t lie say the truth.
Danny: Lol…how was 2014 like for you?
Ose: 2014 was a bit challenging getting to adjust to the new environment and all that but now I can say 2015 will be better cause now I’m familiar with the system. Hope to achieve more.
Danny: It can only get better certainly. Now the happiest day in your life?
Ose: Hmmm I think it was when I saw my admission letter into the university of Benin. I ran outside shouting that day LOL.
Danny: LOL I think I did the same thing too… Ok everyone have a bad day. Which would you say is the saddest day of your life?
Ose: Hmm can’t picture any sad day. I think it was when I wasn’t given admission on the first try. I was sad and angry with myself.
Danny: hmmm I understand. It happens and right now you’re in school and all that is gone now.
Ose: Yeah
Danny: If you were to visit a place in the world today where would that be?
Ose: Nigeria!!! LOL ah never not Nigeria just joking. I would love to visit Rome
Danny: Hahaha Nigeria is that bad… Anyway why Rome?
Ose: I think because Rome has a lot of history.
Danny: But Greece also has history?
Ose: I just like Rome I would like to be there to see the things I see in pictures you know see Papoa the Pope.
Danny: Oh the Pope? Are you Catholic?
Ose: Yeah I am.
Danny: No wonder…that’s why you want see the Vatican city and all that.
Ose: Haha Yeah that’s why
Danny: Ok. If you were to be an animal which animal would that be?
Ose: I would be a dog cause dogs are happy very fun animals no matter how bad you treat them they’ll always remain pets. So would like to be a dog…should I bark for you? LOL
Danny: Hahaha no you don’t need to bark. Well I don’t like dogs… You watch movies right?
Ose: Yeah I do been watching a lot of movies lately.
Danny: Your favourite movie of all time?
Ose: ‘Boys Before Flower’ It’s a Korean movie
Danny: What’s in that movie that girls seem to like a lot? Is it not the usual love thing???
Ose: I don’t know I just love the movie. Apart from that, I love the ‘Sisters Act’ that’s one movie I can watch over and over again.
Danny: ‘Sisters Act’ I think I know that movie. It’s all good… Let me put you on the spot. Let’s say you’re the president of this country what would you do differently?
Ose: But if I were to be, I think the security issue in the country is the major thing I will channel all my energy to.
Danny: Smart one
Ose: Yeah that’s the main issue affecting the country right now.
Danny: Ok. If you were to be a fruit which fruit would that be?
Ose: LOL a fruit? I like banana so I think I would be a banana.
Danny: Banana? Are you a monkey or something? LOL
Ose: Hahaha banana unlike other fruits is easy to eat. When you’re eating Apple,mango, orange or any other fruit you use a lot of energy unlike banana no stress. So if someone is gonna eat me I don’t him/her to just bite me anyhow you know hahaha.
Danny: Well I like orange so I think I would want to be an orange.
Ose: Nah cherry makes people cry
Danny: They are also gonna bite me so it’s only logical I make them cry too. LOL
Ose: Hahaha
Danny: Let’s look at the future now. Where do you see yourself 6 or 7 years from now?
Ose: Hmmm I should be married yeah. I should be working, done with my masters pretty much.
Danny: You’re reading accounting maybe you wanna become the accountant general?
Ose: LOL amen…

Danny: Alright. When was the last time you were flogged?
Ose: I think that will be when I was in secondary school.
Danny: I’m sure you hated that teacher right?
Ose: Ahhh a certain teacher I won’t mention his name that man was wicked. He flogs on the ear and flog girls on their butt. Very painful.
Danny: So you have marks on your butt now? Arghh LOL
Ose: Hahaha you can’t know that
Danny: LOL well in my case I had so many canes on my back in high school.
Ose: Yeah cause you’re a stubborn boy
Danny: Really? Am I stubborn? Most people say I look innocent like someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly kind of guy.
Ose: LOL Ewww
Danny: LOL anyway your opinion… Your physical feature? Something you would like to change.
Ose: Hmmm I don’t think I will change anything
Danny: So you won’t change your eyes, nose or lips?
Ose: No they are all perfect. LOL
Danny: The last time you got really angry? Did you kill somebody, strangle or match that person?
Ose: LOL No I didn’t do any of that. When I get angry I just stay on my alone cause I could easily transfer aggression.
Danny: Hmmm wise. What do you think makes you attractive?
Ose: LOL hmmm I think that would be my face maybe my troublesome and caring character.
Danny: LOL troublesome and caring at the same time?
Ose: Yeah LOL
Danny: Last person that saw you cry?
Ose: Hmmm my sister my elder sister.
Danny: Some guy broke your heart?
Ose: LOL no…I didn’t do well in something and so I cried. She was even laughing at me.
Danny: LOL well I would have done the same thing. Trust me you crying I’m sure you won’t be as pretty as you are now. Maybe one day I would flog you like that teacher so you’ll cry.
Ose: LOL I won’t cry
Danny: Okay. Last person that saw you naked?
Ose: Hehehe that would be my sister.
Danny: You guys are pretty close…anyway I hope she’s not the last person to see you naked you know…LOL
Ose: LOL Daniel you’re not serious.
Danny: I’m just saying… Your high school crush?
Ose: Hehehe wow…my high school would be Dayo.
Danny: Is he as handsome as me?
Ose: LOL maybe nah he’s more handsome than you are. Kill yourself LOL.
Danny: Arrrgh! That guy…
Ose: LOL
Danny: Did you guys date?
Ose: Nah we were just friends.
Danny: So you didn’t think you should tell him?
Ose: Ah no he should have known LOL
Danny: How do you expect him to know when you didn’t tell him? Anyway let’s not dive into that now. You’re passed him now right?
Ose: Yeah I’m over him
Danny: Would you buy a guy underwear?
Ose: Hmmm yeah I would. Just boxers and singlet nothing there. Or are you worried I won’t buy your size? LOL
Danny: Hahaha you had to just say that didn’t you. You know you’re very real that’s why I like you.
Ose: Hahaha
Danny: Now let’s say I took you out right?
Ose: Yeah but I won’t go on a date with you LOL
Danny: Yeah most definitely…But say I took you out would you kiss me on the first date or maybe some other guy on the first date?
Ose: Why would I do that?
Danny: Why wouldn’t you?
Ose: This is not America where you do those kinda stuff. The first date is not enough for me to kiss a guy. No matter how the urge comes for me to kiss him but no I won’t kiss a guy on the first date.
Danny: Even if he sweeps you off your feet just that once. You just kill that urge to kiss him? You know the more you try to kill something it just keeps coming at you.
Ose: Nah doesn’t work for me. LOL
Danny: So guys if you are taking Louisa out on the first date don’t expect a kiss simple.
Ose: LOL
Danny: So I guess you’ve never had a kiss?
Ose: LOL you and your questions Daniel.
Danny: I’m just saying
Ose: No I haven’t
Danny: Oh damn it! that guy would be lucky someday. Okay enough with the kiss part.
Ose: Hehehe
Danny: Do you think a guy must always be the one to ask the girl out?
Ose: Yeah that’s the proper thing to do.
Danny: Who wrote that rule? What if the guy is not bold enough?
Ose: Ah not bold enough? Then why is he a guy. I’m not a fan of a girl asking a guy out not my thing. I don’t ‘gbadu’ the stuff like that LOL
Danny: LOL… Girls take time to dress. How many minutes does it take you to dress?
Ose: Hahaha hmmm coming from a family like mine 15 minutes maximum less you get it from my dad.
Danny: Wow 15 minutes for a girl that’s fast and you still look nice even with such short time. Most girls take an hour or more.
Ose: Yeah LOL
Danny: Okay. Let’s go a bit personal now. Does Ose have a boyfriend?
Ose: Hahaha No I don’t
Danny: Hmmm but you have a crush on some guy right?
Ose: No
Danny: Hmm so guys she’s free has no commitments at all so you might wanna ball in and do your stuff. See I’m doing free advert for you LOL
Ose: Hahaha Na you sabi
Danny: She’s single and searching…are you searching?
Ose: LOL no I’m not searching
Danny: LOL ok she’s not searching. So guys just know you aint gonna get a kiss on the first date though?
Ose: LOL most def
Danny: Gradually coming to the end of the show. Just a question though. If you had a friend who had bad breath how would you tell her?
Ose: Hmmm
Danny: You see don’t wanna break her heart or offend her and at the same time you wanna help her. Perhaps you’re just gonna tell her point blank ‘babe you have bad breath’ LOL
Ose: LOL I think I would tell her in a way she won’t get offended since she’s my friend.
Danny: What if she gets offended?
Ose: She shouldn’t get offended cause I’m trying to help her LOL.
Danny: LOL alright we’ve been talking to Imhansoooleeeva(pronouncing the name wrongly)
Ose: LOL it’s Imhansoloeva
Danny: LOL hopefully I’ll get the name right. You wanna give shout outs?
Ose: Yeah. Hello everybody it’s your girl Louisa making shout outs to all my friends and family. My friends Ify, Gladys to this guy holding the mic Daniel my baby in class LOL
Danny: LOL she always calls me that but it’s okay.
Ose: LOL Uhmm who else? Mariam, Nana, Rita, Mimi LOL that’s my class rep to my family and others you know yourselves so yeah I hail.
Danny: LOL told y’all she was fun. Thanks for coming to the show girl
Ose: Yeah you’re welcome
Danny: Hope you had fun on the show today?
Ose: Yeah I did
Danny: Hope you would come again next time we call you?
Ose: I will if you stop with all these your funny questions LOL
Danny: Oh she’s gonna kill me after show so guys just in case you don’t see me after now just know I’ve been kidnapped by her LOL
Ose: No I would have mercy on you LOL
Danny: So that’s the end of the show guys. We’ll see you next time on Danny world. Bye!

Wow an interesting character right there. Now if you want to be on the show just like Ose all you need do is contact Danny on any of his social media platforms. On facebook or on twitter which is @odia_danny or on BBM 268CB92D and who knows you could just be on the show. This is Danny world…

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