Today on hot topic, we’ll be looking at a very interesting yet important issue our youths of today pass through and we would like to know what your thoughts are right here on Danny world. Now in our society today, respect for our parents is pivotal regardless of the situation. Also, when it comes to issues of the heart some things are worth fighting for. Now I want to put you in this situation, you’re guy who brings the lady he’s about to marry to his parents. Now for some reason, your parents doesn’t seem to like the idea of you getting married to her and so your parents are against the marriage certainly not giving you their blessing. What would you do? This goes for the ladies too, you want to marry this handsome looking guy you bring him home and for some reason your parents are kicking against it. At that point what would you do? Obey your parents or fight for love? Or perhaps you have something else in mind. Tell us right here on Danny world. It’s hot topic and we’re talking.

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