Today’s hot topic on Danny world is the issue of marital rape. In our society today, marital rape really doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s actually a big deal to the victims in most cases the women. Rape is forcefully having sexual intercourse without permission from the other party. This makes it painful and unpleasant to the victims. Now in marriage, sex is supposed to be legal because it’s under the umbrella of marriage but in a case where one party is always forced into having sex then it becomes a problem cause rape is actually illegal. In Nigeria, when a dowry is paid on a woman, she’s expected to submit to her husband every time he wants sex whether she’s in the mood or not. Now that man has that believe in his head and so when they are married he just sees sex as his right not as something that should enjoyed by both parties. So he just takes it by force even when his woman is not willing. For the woman, sex becomes a thing of agony rather than pleasure because she can’t speak up for herself and even if she does the society wouldn’t take her seriously. So she’s caged because of a dowry. The question is does that dowry really represents the price tag of a woman? Hmmm… So I’m gonna ask again is marital rape a right or an abuse? What do you think? Share your thoughts right here on Danny world.


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