A friend is one who know your past and still accepts you for who you are. One knows your favorite song and can sing it back to you when you forget the lyrics. Someone who can tell you what you’re feeling even when you can’t put the words together. Now who better than your partner to be your best friend. When you make him or her your friend then conversation becomes easier cause then you’re able to talk about even the most weirdest of stuffs. You share things with your partner things you even tell anyone. Friendship brings trust and trust is relationship but friendship keeps that relationship. When she knows you as her best friend then she always want to be around you always want to have those interesting conversations. Most guys are like ‘if I tell her everything I become predictable’ but if you don’t tell her everything then it means you don’t want to be in that relationship. You becoming predictable doesn’t mean you’re weak it means someone knows who you really are. A true friend is always there for you. When you make your partner your friend you simply just have to care and be there when you’re needed. They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach but a way to a woman’s heart is simply for you to care and that’s what a friend does. Love is the bond but friendship creates that bond. Love brings two hearts together friendship keeps those hearts.

Sometimes we’ve also gotta make sacrifices in relationships. People say sacrifices are difficult to make and they are like ‘why would I sacrifice my whole for one person?’ and Danny is like you’re not sacrificing your whole life for one person but living your whole life for that person. In friendships you sacrifice but in relationships you sacrifice even more. Now to be logical here, how can you love someone who is not a friend? So it’s a two way thing. If I must love her then I must be ready to make her my best friend. For some people their partner becomes their friend only when they want sex which I find really selfish. This happens mostly with the guys. When men want sex they become exactly what a woman wants them to be. It’s really not supposed to be that way rather it should be something you do all the time to a point where it becomes a habit. Relationship may last but friendship last longer so why not have a blend of both today. The question is, is your partner your best friend?
This is Danny world…


  1. This is something Nigerian boys dont know… as far as dey r concerned u shuldnt tell evrytin to ur gf.. nd if ur besties wiv a girl,ur friendzoned.


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