They say the past precedes the future but how can this future be realistic if the past keeps dragging it backwards? It’s something most people fail to understand. When you keep dwelling on your past then you won’t get to do anything with your future. Today we’re gonna be looking at how we can let go of those things that tend to drag us back from moving ahead in all our endeavours. Now here is how you can do that easily.
Now perhaps you’ve done something wrong in the past and it keeps haunting you wherever you or whenever you try o do something positive, here is what you do.

1. YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST: Some people dwell so much on the past and forget they can’t even fix the past so they keep fishing on land. Now they focus on what they can never fix and forget the future which they fix by making sure the future doesn’t end up like the past. Now by the time you know you can’t change the past, you shift focus on what you can change which is the future. That’s the first step to letting go of your past.

2. YOU NEVER FAILED: Some people think it’s because they are failures that’s why they didn’t succeed in the past and that tends to drag them back anytime they plan to forge ahead. The fear of failing still clouds their perception about future. Now I’ve defined failure before now as struggling where others succeeded. Now if you’re struggling it means you can get better and so you tell yourself that you’re better prepared for the future than you were for the past. When you do that you conquer the wiles of the mind.

3. BE CERTAIN: Someone who has got clear ideas on what and where he/she is going makes headways. When you know where you’re going then you see other things as distractions and the past is one of those distractions. So by the time you’re able to discern properly what you want the future to be like for you then you begin to disregard distractions and gaze upon that which you want to achieve.

4. DON’T LET PEOPLE REMIND OF YOUR PAST: Some people are very good at reminding people of where they are coming from and make you forget who you are and where you’re heading to. People will always say things to get you angry especially when you’ve got a bad past and because you dwell on what they say you tend to restrain so you’re not constantly reminded of how bad you were in the past. Akon wouldn’t have been where he is today if he kept on dwelling on the fact that he was an ex-convict or Ronaldo who came from a poor background but today one of the richest footballers alive and so many others like that. Don’t let people talk you down. When next you see such people tell them you’re closer to where you’re going than where you’re coming from so there is no turning back.

5. BE CALM: When a man is calm he reasons and calculates very well. Now you know where you’re going you’ve let go of your past, sit down and plan your future.

Now that’s how to say goodbye to your past. Take that from Danny today and stop dwelling on what you cannot change. Now if you’ve go contributions, questions or anything to ask at all drop a comment and Danny will be ready to answer. This is Danny world.
You’re welcome o Danny world let’s talk.

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