There is no such thing as the perfect couple no matter how good
things may seem. Every couple will experience some sort of
problem in their relationship. Let’s take a quick look at some of relationships problems on Danny world today.

Cheating – Cheating is a very common relationship problem.
Being unfaithful can lead to further problems and a lot of times
causes many relationships to end.

Lack of Trust – Another common relationship problem is lack
of trust. A lot of people find it hard to trust the person they are
with. With this lack of trust, it can make the relationship
complicated and cause further issues.

Little to No Communication – It takes communication to make
a relationship work. When there is little or no communication in
the relationship, the relationship itself can’t thrive and become
something greater. Other problems may also occur because of
little communication.

Jealousy – A lot of people may not think jealousy is a big
problem but it can grow into a big issue enough to where it can
destroy a relationship. If one or both partners find themselves in
a jealous rage all the time, the relationship can’t grow into a
healthy one and more problems can occur.

Constant Arguments – If you are in a relationship, there is a
good chance that you have argued with your partner before. It
isn’t always a bad thing because making up after the argument
can help to build a stronger bond and strengthen the
relationship itself. However, some couples constantly argue.
They may argue over any little thing at any given time. This is
when there really is a big problem and sadly, there are many
couples out there that constantly argue with each other.

Abuse – Unfortunately, physical, verbal, and mental abuse can
be present in a relationship. When it is, it is a big problem,
especially physical abuse. In any case, any abuse should be
dealt with immediately.

Being Controlling – A partner can become controlling and want
to control the other partner and the relationship. This is a big
problem. A relationship can’t grow when one wants to control
everything and the other spouse has no say in anything.

Negativity – A lot of negativity in a relationship is an issue. A
partner may always look at the negative side of everything or
constantly criticize, and nag all the time.

The Blame Game – Sometimes one or both partners like to play
the blame game. They may put the blame on the other for
various things. Some examples of this goes something like this.
“It’s your fault we don’t get to go out much” “You are the
reason I am angry”, I blame you for causing me to not be able to
trust you”. Sometimes a partner may put the blame on their
partner for no valid reason at all or they do it out of spite.

Lack of Affection and/or Intimacy – Showing affection and
being intimate in a relationship is something that should be
done. Intimacy isn’t necessarily needed in some cases but
sometimes when there is little to no intimacy, it can be a
problem. Even though sex isn’t something that makes a
relationship it can help to strengthen bonds and fulfill desires.
Showing affection also helps to express feelings and strengthen
each other bonds. When either is lacking or not present at all, it
may impact the relationship in a negative way because for a lot
of couples, affection and intimacy are indeed important.

Money – Sometimes a couple can experience some financial
problems in a relationship. Sometimes a partner may want more
and more money from their partner. In any case, having money
issues in a relationship can cause conflicts.

Now those are some problems relationships tend to bring to couple but Danny has got a solution to those problems. It’s very easy cause now those problems become solutions. Now here is what you do when your relationships have these problems or to prevent these problems of happening.

The Solutions
So now you know about some of the top problems couple face
in relationships. So, how do you solve these type of problems?
For some problems it isn’t all that hard to find a solution and
work through the problems. For some, it may be a challenge and
take some work. In any case, here are some of the general ways
to solve most relationship problems.

Communicating – Talk about the problems you are facing one
on one with your partner. Voice your opinion. Communicate
more in general. Let your partner know how you feel.

Trusting One Another – Believe in one another and have some
faith in the relationship. A relationship has to have trust in order
to thrive. This solves the problem of suspicions.

Compromising – Sometimes you can’t always get what you
want or have things go the way you would like it to go.
Sometimes you will find that you have to make compromises in
order for the relationship to move forward.

Staying Positive – Even if things are going too well, try to look
on the bright side of things. Remember what made you fall in
love with your partner. Think about the happy times. Have a
positive outlook on things.
Those are just a few general ways to solve quite a few
relationship problems. Let’s take a look at some of the top
relationship problems mentioned above and come up with some
brief solutions for them..

Lack of Trust
If you have recently lost trust in your partner or just don’t trust
them, you have to try to work rebuilding or building trust in the
relationship. Try to be honest about everything, be patient,
leave the past behind, be responsible for any actions or
decisions you make, and do what you say you will do.

Little or No Communication
If your relationship lacks communication, all you have to do is
communicate more. It isn’t too hard to talk with your partner is

If jealousy is a problem, find the root cause of the jealousy and
try to change things so that you it doesn’t lead to jealousy. A lot
of times, you just really got to be more confident with yourself
and in the relationship.

Constant Arguments
Arguing all the time isn’t healthy. Eliminate what triggers the
arguments. Take some time away to let things calm down. This
way when the topic is brought up again that caused the
argument, both of you will have a more level head and can talk
things over more calmly. Think before you let words come from
your mouth and try to be calm when you and your partner is
having a talk. Sometimes, you can just ignore them. If you have
to, let them be right even though they may indeed be wrong.
You can always prove someone wrong without going the verbal

Verbal and mental abuse is just wrong. If there is verbal or
mental abuse in the relationship, it is a good idea to for both
partners to have a long talk and discuss this issue seriously.
This isn’t something that should be tolerated too long so if
either abuse continues to be present, it is probably a good idea
for the person being abusive to seek some counseling or for the
person receiving the abuse to just leave the relationship. As far
as physical abuse is concerned, my personal opinion is to get
out of the relationship ASAP. Anyone that is being physically
abused is taking a big chance by staying in the relationship
even if the abusive partner is trying to get help.

Being Controlling
If control is an issue in the relationship, set some boundaries
and voice your opinion. Simply state that you will not be
controlled and will not stay in the relationship if it continues to be an issue.

Now here is what I’m gonna say on a final note. Relationship is a beautiful thing if only we have those solutions and we apply them. Now if you’ve got any questions, contributions or something you want us to talk about, drop a comment. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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