This is Danny speaking through his heart to you. Something he rarely does but feeling like that today so read closely.

‘Sometimes we get to that point in our lives where we realize everything will not always go as planned but however the plan changes or do not turn out the way we expect, looking for better options to counter that should be our next step especially in relationship. Sometimes what you want is not what you get but your ability to discern the better alternatives to take makes you smarter. You love someone who sees you in different light it’s difficult to adapt both psychologically, emotionally, socially and otherwise. Ever been in a situation where you have what you want but you can’t hold it? It’s a complicated place to be in. But when you’re able to define your relationship with such person it helps in setting a good friendship platform without emo. Both parties are able to find a balance or a compromise as it were.

Feelings come but becomes extremely difficult to let go. My advise; relationship is a beautiful thing but when the other party is not feeling the same rate as you are then being a friend is the best alternative. As much as you love someone you may not want to see but actually not seeing makes it even more difficult to forget. Be there like nothing ever happened as difficult as it sounds it’s better that way so you don’t get things mixed up…’ Danny

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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