Sometimes you feel you’re actually being appreciated but it turns out to be the other way round. You’re actually less appreciated for your efforts. Sometimes you do so much and to the other person it’s like you’ve done nothing. ‘If someone doesn’t care as much or makes you feel less appreciated, keep a distance’ as much as you don’t want to be selfish or less social don’t build your life around people such that when those people are taken out of the picture you become so lonely and sad about your life. I’ll come back to the appreciation part later.

Some people you call ‘friends’ turn out be the ones who bring you down psychologically but then it depends on you to handle it. Now here is how you handle it. You back out! Don’t let people bring you down cause he/she said something about me and then you’re like ‘maybe it’s true maybe I’m what he said I am’ NO! You’re not what he said you are, you are who you say you are. What you tell yourself matters a lot and some people fail to realize that’s why you hear of depression or suicide cases as it were. People don’t have to be your bases for being happy you should make yourself happy. A lot of people fail to make themselves happy and at the end of the day they blame people for their state.

This happens a lot in relationships. A guy loves this girl so much he always wants to be with her always want to have that connection. Now as much as that’s great for relationships it could also be harmful such that when she’s not around you become so uncool even others get to notice especially when it’s a break up you feel so empty. You deserve better. If someone doesn’t think you’re good trust me someone out there knows you’re the best. As much as I said we need people we shouldn’t let them choose the part our life will follow. If she says you’re not good enough for him/her move on you’re better of without that person. Choose the right people so the wrong people don’t get wrong ideas into your head about yourself.

Now back to appreciation, get this straight ‘human wants are insatiable’ which means no matter you do they never be satisfied even if you die for them. Don’t do things because of this person or because I know he/she is gonna thank me do things because it’s necessary and because you want to. By the time you do that, you don’t feel bad when someone doesn’t appreciate your efforts. Sometimes being less appreciated could be an avenue for you to do even better. Now I have a friend who was told by his crush that he wasn’t ‘boyfriend material’ now my friend took on the chest and moved on with his life. Now imagine if he had built his happiness around her it means he wouldn’t have been able to cope with such statement probably he would have not eaten for a week crying or hugging his pillow or something but he figured out that he could actually move with his life. He was less appreciated at that point. How can a guy not be boyfriend material? That’s degrading and some guys would have even slapped that girl on the spot. People should deserve you. You do a nice work in your workplace for your boss and your boss is like ‘this is not good enough at all’ now you’re less appreciated you get upset some people even quit their jobs. You should be like ‘ok he doesn’t likes it and he wants me to better’ that way instead crying over such statements you work hard at it. It’s like a positive anger where there is this drive that pushes you do more.

You do deserve better you’re the best there is and the best there will be. Keep that in mind. This is Danny world we’re talking we’re sharing and we’re learning everyday. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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