Now we’ve talked about the decisions towards a relationship now we’re going to looking at relationship proper. We’re going to be looking at what happens in a relationship and then the aftermath. At first, the relationship excites you so much you wanna show your him/her to the world. You always want to spend time talking and just looking straight into him/her eyes and saying sweet words to each other there is this sense of brightness in the air when you guys are together just a whole new experience in totality. If you’ve been in a relationship before or in a relationship you know what I’m talking about. Now all of sudden, you always wanna be with this person you want to make sure him/her is not hurt it’s like a rush you just can’t control it when it comes so you just keep pouring all the love out. That’s the point where there is no regret and you’re like ‘it should always be like this’ sorry honey but it’s not always like that. Now relationship is beautiful only when you can maintain that level of love making it constant throughout no matter the situation. Now that’s where the problems come in.

As much as we want to continue with that level of love the problem we can’t always do that because we’re humans and we’re dynamic. Humans love change but never seem o admit to change. You don’t keep doing the same thing all the time and expect a different result. Relationships are dynamic they like to experience some changes in while to keep it strong. In changes you have challenges it’s like an adventure and when you go on an adventure you encounter so many challenges on the way. Now these challenges are not to make you weaker but to make your relationship better. In the middle, you start seeing some traits you never saw before now in this person perhaps a third party sets in or you’re just not feeling it anymore. He doesn’t give you as much attention as he used to before now or maybe one person is pushing for sex but the other seem to retract he/she just begins to do things you don’t like and so on. Those things make relationship what it is they make the bond stronger and when it’s true love it will stand no matter what. Now it’s to you to know when to apply action and when not to so as you don’ end up mixing it all up. When it changes, you change your approach towards that change that’s the only way you can’t make it work. It’s like a tragi-comedy where they it’s not always happy but has a happy ending.

Now when you’ve gotten to know this person better you tend to avoid things he/she doesn’t like and things he/she likes. Ever wondered why people break up? It’s because of those challenges cause they couldn’t stand those adventures and then they say ‘I should have known he/she was fake’ you thought so cause you couldn’t stand the test of character and once you can’t build up that resilience you will make the same mistakes in the next. Although some break ups are tough and not your fault especially when you find out the he/she was a cheat or this whole relationship was a lie or maybe he just wanted to hit it and leave. We will talk about that some other time. Relationship is about what you do when things are not going your way or as planned.

Once you guys are able to stand those challenges it’s like a whole new beginning again one that’s going to the next level and you can’t wait. Now you’ve known each other well enough to admit to yourselves that you’re ready to take it to the next level and what do I mean by next level? It’s spending the rest of your life with him/her. If you read part 1, I talked about knowing what you want from a relationship and if you know what you want and you’ve seen what you want from a relationship then there is no need wasting time. I said in part 1 that relationships is a prep to marriage. True love stands the test of time. This is not for kids it’s for matured minds. Marriage should be the aftermath of a relationship no break ups like we have in some relationships. Where is your relationship heading? I leave you with that question today. This is Danny world.

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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