As little as the word T-I-M-E is so many of us do not know the value of it. Today we’re going to be looking at TIME on Danny world. Time controls the world time controls everything we do as humans time waits for no one. Have you ever imagined the world without time? It would have been terrible. We would have just been living like people without direction and planning. Perhaps no one will know when he/she was born there wouldn’t be birthdays. Time has been existence since creation and God had a purpose for this time he created and that’s for us to use it well. There is time for everything they say but do we really do that today?

Now we’ve got 24hours a day 7days a week every single day. My question is how do you spend that time? Are you one of those who spend their time on things that are not profitable to you and the society? Or are you one of those who spend their time on things that we bring hope to the future of nations? It’s a choice. Time investors are success harvesters. There are some people who do nothing but sit down all down in their houses complaining the country is bad meanwhile they are idle. You keep saying you wanna get married yet all the guys that come your way are below my class whereas you fail to realize time is not on your side. You spend the whole day watching movies and virtually every TV programme available meanwhile you graduated 5years ago from secondary school and you’re still at home. Perhaps yours is to analyze everyone’s business in your compound everyday meanwhile you’re still jobless ‘Amebo’ we call it in our local parlance what do you do with your time?

While you’re spending your time playing away, some people are thinking and bringing solutions to problems setting the pace for others to follow investing in profit yielding businesses. Thinkers rule the world. Great men work with time cause time is money. Time orders your movements gives you direction. When you’re time conscious you’re a success story. Someone said ‘chase a black goat in the day for in the night you won’t be able to’ it means when you’re supposed to do something at a particular time do it. I’ve made it a habit to something meaningful and tangible everyday of my life. What do you do with your time today? What you do with your time today determines your tomorrow. Be wise. This is Danny world and this is an issue that happens in our everyday life and we need to talk about it.

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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