There are different types of relationships. There is the relationship with your parents, friends, siblings, business and the one we all know as ‘dating’ which everyone needs to get a proper understanding of before going into that kind of relationship. Today we’re gonna be looking at that on Danny world. Just a something you should note ‘if the use of something is unknown misuse is inevitable’ keep that in mind.
Man is a social being and in social comes in feelings which could drive something else in our hearts. Those feelings sometimes could be misunderstood by the parties involved. Now not all feelings are tinting towards a relationship some are just meant to be on the friendship level some are even infatuation. It could just be that our minds are playing tricks on our hearts. For instance, these days we see a girl of 12 dating a boy of 13 would you call that a relationship? Certainly not that’s an infatuation a total joke. What could a 12years old kid possibly know about relationships? Like I said before ‘if the use of something is unknown misuse if inevitable’ when you do something without a reason it’s totally meaningless.

Relationship is guided by love not just mere feelings. There must be a reason why you’re in that relationship. ‘Oh I think I like this girl I should ask her out’ you see he’s even thinking he’s not even sure he should be in a relationship. That tells you he doesn’t even have a reason he just likes her and he thinks they should be in a relationship. This is why so many hearts are broken cause when the relationship begins to have issues all of a sudden they’re done and then the girl doesn’t eat for two weeks cause of some guy who left you. Perhaps the girl was also carried away by his looks at first and was like I think I like him too and it started. This happens a lot in our world today and this is because of the lack of information.

Relationships are supposed be a platform for marriage to take off originally but today things are not done that way. I don’t have a problem with people dating where there is a problem is when you don’t know why you’re in that relationship. If you say you have a thing for this girl/guy be sure first ask yourself questions so you don’t make hasty decisions that could bring regrets later. Sometimes you’re so sure you love this girl perhaps the girl is not feeling the same way but because you want to be with that by all means possible you don’t even care to find out. Everyone has a reason for doing something but just make sure your reasons or motives are not ulterior cause that becomes your own personal problem. For some people they just want to have sex that’s why they are there a reason but a very bad one. I’ve noticed most young people go into relationships without genuine reason. Sometimes they’re like ‘I just want to enjoy it now so when I’m old I won’t regret it’ funny right? But it happens. As much as we want to enjoy our youthful age, let’s try not to go by what the others are do. Be yourself. If you don’t know where a relationship is heading to don’t go into it. If you’re a in a relationship now and perhaps the reason why you entered into the relationship becomes unrealistic then I see no reason why you’re still there. Most times relationships doesn’t even know where they are heading to that’s why when a girl ask her supposed soulmate ‘where is this going?’ The guy gets uncomfortable and can’t even give a straight answer in that kind of situation you should it’s heading nowhere. Marriage should be the end of a relationship. You love someone be sure the person feels the same way then ask yourself the reason why you should go into the relationship?

For you to love someone you must have something you’ve seen him/her that complies with what you’re looking for. Once you see what you’re looking for in a woman or a man then a relationship has a reason especially for those who are ripe for marriage. Put it all together. I’ll stop here for now. In part two, we’ll look at what happens in relationships proper? Look out for that.

If you’ve got questions or contributes you could drop a comment and Danny is ready to answer your questions. You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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