Nigeria is divided. The only thing keeping us together is the name ‘NIGERIA’ it’s a country with diverse cultures with each ethnic group having its own mode of doing things. Ethnicity is a major problem in Nigeria even before the colonial masters came. Every tribe wants to be in power all the time capable or not. Ethnicity led to Kano riot, delay in independence, military regime in 1966 and today Boko Haram. The Yoruba man wants to associate only with his fellow Yoruba same with an Hausa or Igbo man. For how long do we want to continue this way? People have died in the past people are dying and people will still die of ethnicity until something is done about this. Some people are even suggesting we split so as to avoid these hazards. Ethnicity has drained virtually all sectors of the economy.

Do you think separating the country will bring about change? Do you buy that idea? If you don’t tell us what you think should be done? You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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