Someone once said ‘united we stand divided we fall’ I agree 100% cause I believe a tree cannot make a forest I believe in unity. Today we’re gonna be talking about making our world a better place and ways we could go about it. Now as humans we tend to try out new things we tend to set out goals for ourselves but sometimes we forget that we need people to achieve that set out goal. Now as much as you want to make that dream a reality you’ll need people to get there. God didn’t want you to do it alone that’s why he created other people. When you surround yourself around people who share the same dream with you it makes your work much easier and your dream realistic.

Ever thought why you could break a broomstick but you find it more difficult to break a broom? It’s because they’re united and when there is unity it’s hard to disrupt. Now you wonder why one man businesses fold up quickly? That’s because he’s just the only one he has nobody producing fresh ideas into the business or sharing in the losses of the business. Now when you’ve ideas look for those who share your passion and look for ways to go about this idea cause when you’ve got challenges on the way those people will help shoulder some responsibilities that way you progress even more. Little wonder why big organizations prosper in business cause everyone has got a role to play. If Aliko Dangote had said to himself ‘I’ll run my enterprise all on my own’ I’m sure by now he would be somewhere in his village rearing cows or something. He will definitely break down if he had done that but today Dangote is a household name as he is the richest man in Africa. Why? Because he has people who have been segmented to play their roles in the organization.

It’s like a football team where everybody works together for a goal which is to win. If Lionel Messi was the only one playing on the pitch, do you think he would have been who he is today? Certainly not. Every discipline needs each other cause at the end of the day we’re all making our world a better place. You need people to get ahead in life. Learning from other peoples mistakes is wisdom but learning from other peoples success makes you greater. So let’s all work together today and make our world a better and for this to happen socialization is key. Don’t you agree?

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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