They say it’s a man’s world but I ask where will the men be if the women haven’t gone through 9 months? Mm-mmm. At the end of the day we all need each other for this world to continue. Now a guy and a girl get to meet the guy likes her from the outside and perhaps the girl is giving him the no show mode and the guy keeps at it and then she gave in at last. A couple of drinks getting to know each other better perhaps conversations on phones then they’re friends and from there those feelings begin to rush in thick and fast. The relationship begins to grow stronger by the day. Now these feelings they are unexplainable to the head but they are to the heart. The guy is like ‘ I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’m in love with you’ at that point you’re thinking but no you’re in love brother and it’s good place to be.

Now here is where really gets to me. After all that love ish the girl feels this same way and they start up something wonderful. Now we’ve seen cases where after getting into these relationships they become enemies so to speak. The guy starts beating the girl or forceful sex or the girl gets angry one day stabs this guy with a knife or something of sought. Would you call that love? Hmmm I’m as confused as you are cause I don’t understand how one could love this minute and next minute you’re not. When you say you love someone and you make commitments ensure you keep it to the latter. We really don’t take this love thing seriously. Some people love when things are going good in the relationship but when things are not going well their love turns off. Love should be both in good times and bad times. ‘Oh the sex is good’ I love her but when she doesn’t cook then you don’t love her anymore. Love is support. Look I always tell people; when you treat your woman right you’ll never go wrong. Women love to be made important make them feel special treat her like a queen and she will make you her king. I’ve heard men say ‘she served me with just a meat’ and they just complain and throw insults at the woman even though they never provided enough money. It shouldn’t be that say nice things to her so that tomorrow she will make it two even though there is no money.

Women are treasures and men are supposed to be the keepers but some men tend to violate this principle and believe that when they treat their women with ‘strong hand’ there will be respect. Big mistake I must say cause when you do that she doesn’t feel important anymore. Women are beautiful don’t spoil that beauty maintain it keep it glowing everyday and let your relationship be a one that others would emulate. Take that from Danny. Don’t you agree?

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

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