Everybody wants to be successful we want to be great actually but how far are you willing to go? Hmmm big question right. Are you willing to pay the sacrifice that comes with success? Are you willing to do that extra that makes you extraordinary? Cause everything good comes with a price. You say you want to be successful how bad do you want it? Laziness hampers your success story. Some people say ‘oh I want to be successful’ but they’re still lying on their beds at 11am. How bad do you want it? Some say ‘oh I want to be successful’ but when it’s time to study they’re nowhere to be found. How bad do you want it? You say ‘oh I can’t write’ well that’s because you’ve never written. Let’s get out there do the talk not talk the talk. Sorry I maybe sounding pretty harsh right now but that’s how some people wanna hear it. If Bill Gates said ‘I want to be successful’ and still sat on his couch at 11am you think he would have been what he is today? Certainly not.

You want to be successful but you don’t wanna work hard for it. What you do today determines your tomorrow. So if you’re found playing or eating away your today then there would be nothing left for tomorrow. You wanna pray in the morning instead of praying you say ‘let me just sleep a liitle more’ forgetting that God protected you all night and if he also said ‘ok let me rest today’ you think you would be alive? You are to do a given task and you say ‘I will do it’ you keep saying that until the day you’re to present the result of that task. How bad do you want it? It’s time to wake up cause brother you’ve been asleep for God knows how long. You see some people living like a wretch which is not supposed to be. You think they didn’t want to be successful? They did want to be successful but they didn’t want it as bad… If you don’t stress now you’ll double stress later. Someone once said failure to plan is a plan to fail. How bad do you want it? ‘It’s difficult’ hang in there keep at it until pay day.

How bad do you want it? I want it as bad as I want to live how bad do you want it? Take that first but vital step today. This is Danny world!

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk.

One thought on “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

  1. True talk bro,indeed procrastination is really nt good and should nt be encouraged among pple who want to be successful in life.God help us all


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