As humans we naturally want to be successful we want to be known and recognized by people. Now for this reason we tend to strive hard to make that achievable. Like the saying goes ‘You’ve gotta go through hell to get to heaven’ you’ll surely meet challenges on the way that may tend to shaken you up you know knock you off. Now your ability to rise up to those challenges and look them straight in the eye and say ‘I’m above’ cause when you do that you’re one step ahead.

Sometimes you may just wanna give it all up throwing in the towel on your goal because of these challenges. Now what are these challenges? I’ll like to call them distractions as it were. For some people it’s finance for some it’s the goal itself that’s challenging for some it’s relationships and for some it’s psychological and so on. By and large these distractions are there whether you like or not and you must face them head on. One thing I always advise people is to be passionate in whatever they do. When you’re passionate these challenges tend to be minimal. Sometimes these challenges are not there to knock you off they are there to train you into becoming a better person. Some people don’t know how to handle tough situations even in organizations and in government today perhaps they didn’t respond to these challenges the way they should have before now. You’ll get there someday and when you do you’ll realize that it was indeed worth while.

You’re the only obstruction to your goal and once you can conquer you then you can be whatever you want to be. Sometimes it’s easier to encourage people than yourself. You should be your number fan. Like I always say ‘You may be down but you must get back to your feet except it’s a Mayweather punch’ you’re the best there is and the best there ever would be so go out there and be who you want to be. Take that from Danny. This is Danny world.

You’re welcome to Danny world let’s talk!

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