Our Biggest Pet Peeves, State of Nigeria & New Movies

And we are back!

Ever been really pissed off at little things people do around you but you say nothing because they might think you’re crazy? That’s Pet Peeve guys!


We’ve all got some things we can’t stand. Some things just irritate us about people. It’s even more annoying when people either don’t consider those habits as irritable or pay no attention to it at all.

No small talk. I said I don’t know you!

One time, a lady said she just couldn’t stand when her husband didn’t put down the toilet seat. The husband didn’t even think too much of it but his wife would go crazy any time he didn’t put the seat down. He thinks his wife just has OCD.


For some, it could be someone picking their nose, or pressing the toothpaste from the top. Seems like an insignificant rant right? Yes, but it irks still.

So we’re talking about pet peeves today. Do you have pet peeves? What’s the craziest peeve you’ve ever had? We’ll be sharing with you guys our pet peeves on today’s episode of the podcast. We also highlighted issues affecting the nation of Nigeria and new movies hitting the theaters this month.


We’ll also be sharing our unique stories and experiences with these peeves. You’re welcome to The Spectrum! This is Danny world…


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