Paternity Fraud – Should Culprits Be Jailed?

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We’re talking paternity fraud on hot topic today. According to the American Association of Blood Banks, one-third of all men are not actual fathers of their children. Over the years, we’ve taught men to always take on responsibility, however unjust it may appear.


On the other hand, we’ve taught women to expect comfortability as proceeds from that responsibility men take on. An imbalanced dynamic that has shaped society across centuries and still holds sway even in the most progressive era of mankind.

Woman watching her baby sleep.

Unfortunately, as a result of this famous dynamic, women have found a way to exploit the system further in their favor. So they figured the two most important things men value in a woman. “Sex and Seeds.” And so, for centuries, women have been able to con men to nurture seeds they didn’t plant. Hence, the discourse, Paternity Fraud.


Historically, masculinity is birthed out of legacy and men will always resonate with that ideal. On the flip side, femininity springs from nature. This explains why women are more in touch with nature than men. This is why the female will always understand the complexities of nature, hence, they are able to navigate their way around the intricacies of human behavior and interaction.

Couple excited about their newborn.

Sadly, some women have been to entrance men to stay with them simply by serving them a fib of an idea called offspring and in exchange for stability.

A healthy newborn.

On a primal level alone, because men take pride in raising their own kind, they are innately drawn to protecting and providing guidance and direction to their seed. And somehow, women have been able to manipulate that dynamic, which explains why the sex industry remains the oldest and most lucrative industry in the world.


Paternity fraud has ruined relationships between families but more importantly, hurt the kids more. This is because they usually bear the brunt of the mishaps orchestrated by the adult parents or guardians. Is that fair? Well, hell no. Why should an innocent kid suffer from an adult’s bad decisions? And that’s selfish!

Man angry at his defiant wife.

In recent times, we’ve seen men be fed these lies from the child’s birth onto adulthood. Why should a man be put through that level of ingenuity? It’s a discourse that needs to be had in our society. Why would a woman build a whole family on deceit? It’s a conversation that needs to be had. Is it fair to let another raise another’s kid? Should women be put in jail for this? Let’s talk about it.


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