Inspired by a true life story of a man I met on a night he planned to take revenge on the gunmen who murdered his wife and kids in cold blood. The fury in his eyes couldn’t be contained.



There was no stopping him. Someone was going to die that night. I had to put this imagery in words. Titled, “REPRISAL” enjoy my sheer cathartic depiction of that strange night.


I am a sinner

I am exiled

Secluded by reprisal

Demonized by the scorching pain

Pierced by the blade of my ruins

Chased by my reckon whose legs I can’t outrun


My sins have caught up with me

I seek a redemption I can’t envision

More brawl less crawl

I keep my eyes open to keep breathing

I keep my nose open to sniff out the death of me

I keep my fist tightened spurring for a fight


I stared at my heartbeat crushed by the sword

I watched my blood silenced in cold blood

My essence ripped before my bleeding eyes

My soul wrenched beyond salvation

The hurt, deeply wrecking me to my core

The scars, my mirror at dawn and nightmare in the dark


Perhaps I’m undeserving of love

Undeserving of a kiss of fortune

Unworthy of a caress of pleasure

Snared of a taste of happiness

Denied the warmth of closure, however subtle


I close my eyes to this excruciating darkness

I cringe at the sight of my own rage

I crave for vengeance for I’ve been jilted

Strapped, all guns blazing on the fiends deserving of a tinderbox

No holds barred on those who walk on my bleeding tears

I’m deserving of no redemption for I made my pact with death


I stare death in the face and I call her unworthy

Unworthy of my soul for I never had one

Unworthy of my heart for I’ve never felt one

Unworthy of my memory for no one would remember

Blood in my hands, retribution in my veins

I hope the Man in the sky forgives me

Because when it’s all set and done, I’ll be holding the smoking gun to my head… [To Be Continued]



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