A man is not judged by his failures but his succeses. The acceptance of a man’s opinion is tied to his relevance even though his opinion is his relevance. A man’s word means nought without results. His journey is discountenanced when there is no arrival.

A man’s risk is not thoughtful when there are no rewards. But most of all, a man’s reality is his believe. The world only reads the book not the script. The true test of character is never breaking character. People only question your choices not your results.

Sometimes we only begin to doubt ourselves when all around us breathe nonnatives. Sometimes we wanna tell ourselves it’s okay but our voice is the last we wanna hear. So we reach for some believe from the world. We reach for some level of acceptance or support however little.


We covet some level of commendation and recognition however ephemeral. We crave our ourselves in others even when it’s a lost cause. We attach colossal value to the verdict of the jury than the judge’s ruling. Why should John’s word be final?

We seek the truth in the lies of this world. We seek a glimpse of the light from the darkness. We thirst even in the desert. Sadly, we despise our own believe and swallow the world’s reality. We wanna give the world our ears so they could validate our sight or what we see as it were.

The world eulogize winners not attempts. A King is most powerful and revered only in his castle. People only believe in what they see. Truth is, we seek approval where there’s none. We wanna believe our posterity but it’s plagued because we can’t ignore our existing realities.

Whirling in your own thoughts…


We doubt ourselves at each turn wondering if we’d taken the right one. We wonder if our opinion really does matter much considering our nonnative reality. We question our decision and swallow that of the world without hesitation.

We wanna live the life we want but ignore what it takes.ย Hard fact is our realities are different however similar it might look. So why judge your life by another man’s success or failure story? Why write off yourself when the fat lady hasn’t belled?

We all come to that point in our lives where we doubt everything that tells us we’re gonna be as successful as we’ve planned. We question why our tale is always the hard route. We feel like the world is on our shoulders pressuring us to live up to the task at all times.

We feel like things aren’t moving fast enough and so we beat ourselves trying to find faults in ourselves even when we are without blemish. We feel we ain’t doing something right even though clearly we are giving it all we’ve got.

Hence, we crave for consolation or some level of applause from the crowd [those around us] but disappointed when the response we so covet is dashed. Rather than plaudits, you get stones.



So you’re distraught wondering where the will to carry on or wear that mask of a smile every time someone walks through the door only to sob when he shuts the door behind him. You think your tale is the worst ever told or heard.

You look around and you wonder why no one can see your pain rather they’re all about their lives. Suddenly, you think they’re all happy and you’re not. You, yes You, why are you trying to chase a unicorn?!

Why chase something you’re never gonna catch? Why yearn for a fairytale? I see your pain but I fear you might be hurting in vain cause the world ain’t no gain.

Rather than look around why not look within? You feel you’re not enough when truly the world can’t even contain you. You feel like you have something to prove when the world haven’t proved themselves worthy of your existence.


You feel like public opinion is personal acceptance when truly your opinion should be the public knowledge. You crave happiness and solace in others when you’re a jar of happiness and all you need do is pour out.

You crave love when you’re a fountain of love. In the end, you don’t need anyone’s approval to do you. You are your own validation. Soar, the world is your airspace. This is Danny world

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