Every day, we go through battles in and around us. We struggle with our deepest fears, regrets and turmoil hoping someday we’d out of the woods.  We battle with life’s presumably insurmountable hurdles praying we beat it to the finish line. We rival demons from our past, present and pray they don’t make it to our future. Somehow, we’re either fighting to stay up or step up as Rock Bottom is constantly staring us in the face.

Life always presents us with two sides to the spectrum. Our judgment or view of life in general is a function of what end of the spectrum we operate at every given time. Observe. Top or Bottom, Success or Failure, Rich or Poor, Knowledge or Ignorance, Man or Woman, Freedom or Slavery, Developed or Less Developed, Life or Death. Each of these spectrums create opinions for us based on the unique experiences accustomed to a spectrum.

Truth is, however different our battles are, regardless of our levels, they are battles nevertheless. Each level presents us with its challenges which we are constantly trying to surmount and these challenges will either push us up the pecking order or drags us further down.


The greatest fear of the man at the Top is falling whilst that of the man at the Bottom is never making it to the Top. The Rich fear being Poor whilst the Poor fear they may never be Rich.

A man of Knowledge frowns at Ignorance as does an Ignorant man to Knowledge. A Slave may never see life the way a free man would because he can’t imagine Freedom. Again, it’s a function of the spectrum. You find out there’s always two sides to a coin. It means where you are in life is a level of how far or how much you’ve grown. Whatever spectrum you belong to, in some way form experiences, concepts or ideas which eventually shape your thoughts.

Now however diverse our experiences and thought pattern are, there is always one thing common with both spectrums, and that is Rock Bottom. Again, the War is either to stay up or step up. The battles or troubles we face at each spectrum is us trying to avoid the drop. This is because these Battles are there to test our level of resilience and ultimately further drag us down. Invariably, Rock Bottom becomes the War and the hurdles our Battles.

A Knowledgeable man and an Ignorant man both want Recognition. Ultimately, it portends that “not being recognized” is the Rock Bottom they wanna beat. The Rich and Poor man both seek Money which means “not having money” is the Rock Bottom they are constantly battling to avoid every day. A Slave craves Liberty as a free man seeks to sustain it. It tells you that “not having liberty” is the Rock Bottom both ends battle with each passing day.

The Living want to avoid Death and the dead wish they could live which means the rock bottom there is Life. In the end, we’re all going through one thing or the other. We’ve all got fears we’re trying hide or allay completely. We’re all fighting Battles so we don’t lose the War. Now these battles could either be emotional, psychological, physical, financial, social or even spiritual but battles nonetheless.

Wherever we are in life, truth is, we are continuously trying not to be consumed by our unique struggles. Fascinatingly, we’re all just striving to get better so we don’t get worse. It’s a crazy world I know but it is what it is basically. In the end, we’re all just Teams in the League of Life and no one wants to be relegated. Again, we are all fighting Rock Bottom. This is Danny world…

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