New poem…Well, more of a screed than a poem but with a lot of message. Titled “The Enigma” Read away!




Are we all really equal?

Do we all have equal opportunities?

Do society actually care about women?

Is there really a level playground for those with disabilities?

You really think the color of a man’s skin doesn’t matter?

Were we even created equal?


The world is a jungle and we’re just animals

A jungle where the privileged thrive on the weak

Where those at the bottom get spat on by those at the peak

A jungle where some have got four wheels and others crawl on their bellies

A world where abilities are not seen in disabilities

Where “Black” is likened to rocks and “White” to glasses


Every day we wake up to the dawn hoping to make it dusk

For some, the dawn is a far cry

A crazy quilt where the feud is orchestrated by the Elephants

Whilst the grass suffer the ripple effect

A society that condemns rape but treat victims like outcasts

A society that convict criminals but eulogize politicians


Again, are we really equal?

An equal system with “World Powers” and “Third World”

An equal system with people living on the streets whilst the “Few” in castles

An equal system with no protection for the girl child

A system where nepotism is the new merit

And the Skint is sentenced without trial while the Elite granted bail


I look around and all I see is pain

Will that little boy ever see the sun?

Will he ever see the fascinating stars on a breezy night?

Will he ever know light like he’s known darkness?

Will that little girl ever overcome the trauma of the Night she didn’t want to become a woman?

Will that little boy ever walk on his feet?


Who listens to the cry of the orphan?

Who speaks for the dumb?

Will those kids born with deformities and disorder ever live a normal life?

Will society ever accept them?

Did they ever ask to be brought into this world?

A world of incessant rejection, jest, pity and desolation


You see that pain when you walk on Pauper Street

You feel it when you give those alms to that armless beggar

You know it when you see that pregnant hobo with her toddler begging for breakfast at nightfall

Broken, you wonder if they deserve that much suffering

You wonder if they ever had big plans for their lives

In that moment, you question every reason for your somewhat immunity


The world is a nasty place

Only the poor understand gravity while the rich live in space

Fast lane, slow pace

While others still struggle with their lace

Some glide through the race

Power has become more important than putting a smile on one’s face


Drip drop Drip drop

My eyes rainy

I sneezed at the repelling air of the emergency room

Man in excruciating pain wishing his own demise

Woman screaming and wailing, begging for the bleeding to cease

A child dying before he could live


Help! Help! Help!

He cried out from his wheel chair only to deaf ears

Typical, the society was oblivious of his existence

Virulent, he’s consumed by rejection and misery

He’d plunge a dagger through his heart

Can you judge a man you don’t know his pain?


Again, are we really equal?

Why are some so normal and others not?

Why do some have so much and others so little?

Why are some so privileged and others handicapped?

Why would one religion think heaven was made for her and others, destruction, when the maker created every being into a religion?

Families slaughtered like pigs with their heads on pikes in the Middle East whilst others watch in tranquil


A call to society, heed to my pen’s need

Freed from the bars of greed

Practice not creed whilst you neglect good deed

Take out the weed, plant the seed

And like the bug, let it breed

We’re all bound by our humanity and this is my screed…


Written By: Danny Odia


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