2017 was indeed an amazing year in the world of movies. An awesome collection of the biggest Hollywood stars gracing the big screen and producing blockbuster after blockbuster. A lot of records broken in the U.S box office. Marvel, DC, Walt Disney and the likes giving top drawer big screen action. It couldn’t have been any better.

Trust us at Danny World, we’ve been there with you guys all the way, bringing all the action all year. Today we reveal our top 10 movies for the year. Based on box office gross and critics review, we compiled this list in a descending order. Quite difficult to pick really but we carefully analyzed each movie and how it fared in the minds of fans and of course the numbers. The top 10 movies on Danny world in 2017:



HITMANS BODYGUARD-  A classic fans favorite with the blend of action and comedy. Two men cornered to needing each other on their road to redemption. Class act from the legendary Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds on the big screen.

It was the most anticipated movie in August which was a classic for the fans considering the reviews. Unfortunately, the movie did not do so well with in the box office amassing a total of 176.6m dollars on a $30m budget. A mixed reaction from critics mostly impressive which sees the movie make number TEN on our list.



KINGSMAN: GOLDEN CIRCLE-  Matthew Vaugh’s “Kingsman: Golden Circle” entertained mixed reviews from critics and fans. A lot argued the first installment was better but take nothing away from the quality of accessories and class act in this movie.

Some say it may be the next “James Bond” classic English film.The movie did not also do so well in the box office gaining 395.4m U.S dollars on a budget of 160m dollars. Its number NINE on our list this year.



JUSTICE LEAGUE-  After DC’s magic with “Wonder Woman” a lot of fans even expected better from the “Justice League” franchise especially with the introduction of the much anticipatedS “Aquaman.” Released in November, the movie has entertained quite mixed reactions from critics.

A classic adventure and action with” Flash” being the only comic relief made the movie quite enjoyable and laudable. Beating the 500m U.S dollars mark, the movie amassed an impressive 634m U.S dollars in the box office on a production budget of 300m U.S dollars. DC’s Justice League is number EIGHT on our list this year.



LOGAN- A Valedictory Classic that would see Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Legendary Patrick Stewart (Professor X) say goodbye to the “X-men” franchise as a new age of mutants emerge. Grossing a total 616.8m U.S dollars in the U.S box office with a preceding budget of 97m U.S dollars.

An impressive review from critics and certainly a delight for fans of the franchise. “Logan” makes it to our number SEVEN spot.



WONDER WOMAN- Gal Gadot certainly got everyone talking after her tremendous performance in  DC’s hit movie back in June. The movie turned out DC’s highest grossed in 2017 with a whopping 821.9m U.S dollars against a production budget of 149m U.S dollars.

The classic which also starred Chris Pine was criticized for its quite unrealistic storyline, but overall a very much decent review for its first voyage .Wonder Woman makes it to number SIX on Danny world this year.



GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2- Grossing a Marvel high $863.6m in the box office, the movie sure got everyone talking. The classic blend of action and comedy among the characters ensured fans were thrilled. The chemistry between Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana also gave that typical American touch. Bradley cooper playing the Raccoon was perfect and his banter with Chris Pratt was always a delight to watch.

Although, critics had a thing or two to say about the sequence in the story line but take nothing away from Marvel, it was an A-list performance. Certainly did not disappoint the fans of the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” franchise. “Guardians Of The Galaxy” makes our top FIVE in 2017.



SPIDER MAN HOMECOMING- I gotta say we were all skeptical about Tom Holland being the new Spiderman. There were a lot of questions about how he was going to fare as the new Peter Parker. Was he going to be Tobey Maguire or even better or worse? Well, in the end, he certainly did weather the storm. “Homecoming” showed us a more comical side to Peter Parker which made it even more delightful to watch.

Classic adventure which a lot of critics argue is the best voyage of the “Spiderman” franchise. Again, Marvel studios doing a great job on this one. The movie grossed a huge $880.2m in the U.S box office on a $175m production budget and sits on the number FOUR spot this year.



BEAUTY AND THE BEAST- In what would go on to become the highest grossed movie in the U.S box office in 2017, Walt Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast” amassed a whopping $1.26bn on a production budget of $160m.

In a reboot of the animation, the story tells a tale of the scary beast (Dan Stevens) who could only be tamed by Belle (Emma Watson). “Beauty And The Beast” makes it to our top THREE in 2017.



FAST 8- We sure can’t get enough of the “Fast And Furious” franchise and “Fast 8” did not fall short of the fans expectation. Adventure, Action, Exquisite cars of course and a bit of Drama. A fantastic voyage no doubt although, some critics felt it was all repetitive. Well, the box office sure disagreed with those critics as the movie grossed a gigantic $1.163bn just behind “Beauty And the Beast” with $1.264bn.

Great scenery and classic action performance from Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel and the likes. “Fast 8” is number TWO on our list this year.



THOR RAGNAROK- Released only in November, Marvel’s third voyage of the “Thor” franchise has grossed a whopping $841.8m and it’s not even the end of 2017. With a lot of expectations, Thor Ragnarok was indeed an epic win with fans and critics across the world. An alluring blend of action and comedy was a great twist to the “Thor” franchise.

Fans favorite Chris Hemsworth  brought a bit more comic side to the Thor character which was pretty enjoyable. Movie also starred Tom Huddleston and Idris Elba. It’s no doubt our number ONE movie this year.




And those are our top 10 movies this year on Danny world. I perceive a few might disagree with our selection but feel free to share your differences and accords of course if any. Movies released in December did not make this list because we thought the time frame was too short to give a proper review considering its release date was too close to the end of the year.

I know a lot of “Star Wars” faithfuls would be cussing right now because of the new “Jedi” which did impressively well in its first week in the box office grossing over $400m already. Well, sorry guys… It’s a wrap for us here at Danny world this year. And we’re saying a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to y”all and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers across the globe. This is Danny world…

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