A warm welcome to y’all. This is “Sports Tackle” on Danny world. It’s a segment where we bring on two individuals well informed about a sport to come deliberate and express their opposing views concerning a discourse. Now as these TWO raise opposing views on the topic, YOU [The Readers/Viewers] have the VOTING power to pick which of them tabled their points best. This will be done through your COMMENTS on topic. Your comments reveal whose side you are on. Prizes will be given out.

So without further ado, the topic for today is “MANCHESTER UNITED OR MANCHESTER CITY, WHO IS FAVOURITE TO WIN THE LEAGUE THIS SEASON AND WHY?” Now our two contestants have opposing views to this topic. Introducing our first contestant, SULAIMON who will be arguing in favour of Manchester City. While our second contestant, OLAWALE will be arguing in favour Manchester United. These two are ready to go head-to-head. Having seen the view of the other, they will buttress their points against that of the other using the COMMENT BOX as do other readers. The tackle starts now! See their analysis here…

Now from Sulaimon on why Manchester City are favourites to win the league.

Manchester City will win the league title by Adelekan Sulaimon.
The Citizens have spent big this summer, signing a
number of quality players in pretty much every single
position.They are widely expected to mount a serious title
challenge this time around, after their fourth-placed finish in
last campaign.
Both Manchester clubs have had identical starts to the
Premier League season, sitting top of the table after five
games following thumping wins at the weekend.
It is early, but I do find it very hard to look beyond
them or United. I think the team that finishes above
United will win the Premier League, and I think that team
will be City.There’s an old adage about defences winning titles, but
if City win it this year I think it will be their attacking
players that win it for them.
But at the back I think [John] Stones has been good, I
love watching him play, and [Kyle] Walker has been
impressive too. There’s a lot to watch out for from City this season.
United and City are currently level on points and goal
difference at the Premier League summit, both sides
having played five games. Both Mourinho and long-
time rival Pep Guardiola made several major signings
in the summer, Manchester City full back frenzy is the foundation of a €218m outlay which installs Pep Guardiola’s side as favourites.
Central to his philosophy is both intelligent distribution from his goalkeeper and full backs taking up a typical position in a midfield to help build attacks and overload opponents in key areas. Claudia Bravo, Aleksandr Kolarov and Pablo Zabaleta failed in these tasks. Manchester City have upgraded all three and added additional midfield creativity in Bernado Silva giving the strong impression they are much better equipped to deliver the football Guardiola craves in his second season and deliver the title.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has conceded
Manchester City are the clear team to beat, praising
their work in the transfer market. The favourites must be Manchester City actually,”
Klopp said to DAZN. “They played some incredible
football last year and had just a couple of problems.
“They are definitely the favourites. Manchester City is
in attack mode, that is obvious.
“They already had an incredible team last season and
then Jesus joined them and I thought, ‘Oh my
“I mean he is very young and really strong. Incredible
player – and now they got some defenders as well.
They will be interesting to watch.


Now from Olawale

Manchester United are definitely saying to all oppositions that they are ready to go for the English Premier League title this season. With the recent performance it sure seem correct as they have now scored four goals in a game six times this season and the win against Crystal Palace matched United’s record tally of 19 points after the opening seven Premier League matches, set in 1999 and again in 2011 of which they won the trophy.

Although the squad still have injury problems in the likes of Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Carrick, Jones, and Rojo, there seems to be no sign of slowing down.


Let the tackle begin!



  1. Good evening all. We can clearly see today what man city are made of with away win at Chelsea today. Manchester City has shown us once again that they are champions materials compared to man United ‘s comfortable win over struggling crystal palace.


  2. Man city is sure a fantastic team to watch with the quality of players they parade and their fast attacking game. They did outplay Liverpool and had a superior game against Chelsea but they shouldn’t think it going to be that easy against manutd I certainly am sure of that.


  3. Okay…now we watched both teams perform today. They both won. But City has beaten Liverpool and Chelsea who are huge tests. A lot can’t be said about United…You think it’s too early to call them champion material?


  4. Well a win is a win, you can call Palace a struggling team but I’m quite sure that the Everton that held Man City to a stalemate isn’t. Well they were disposed off with a four goal margin by United.


  5. Yes talking about the big six, United haven’t played any of them yet but come 14th and 28th of October, United will be having Liverpool and Tottenham respectively and Chelsea in November and Arsenal in December. All I can say is brace yourself.


  6. Man city is truly a champion stuff. Today’s performance against chelsea without aguero at stamford bridge proves a major point after a disappointing last season.


  7. Rivals teams,coaches and players and football pundits agree that the EPL title will be in manchester at the end of the season but i can confidently say that the title will be in the blue side of the manchester.


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