A man once said that if you’ve not been down there, never JUDGE. It’s a principle not many of us practice. This is because we forget some are not as privileged as others. We forget situations can change a man. We forget we are all HUMANS and we’ve got SLIP UPS. We forget not all fingers are equal.

But most of all, we forget we can’t play GOD all the time. OPPORTUNITY is what is COMMON between you and the next man but what DIFFERENTIATES you from that man USAGE. It doesn’t make you BETTER than him cause you COULD have been that MAN cause he probably didn’t KNOW as much.

A lot of us struggle in life because our FAMILIES were not the RICHEST of persons while some EASE through life cause they were FORTUNATE enough to be born into a rich HOME. Again, it doesn’t make you BETTER than the other MAN cause it COULD have been YOU.

Fact is, you didn’t CHOOSE your FAMILY even though you still have to choose a PATH for yourself. But the KIND of family you’re born into SETS the BALL ROLLING for your life. It determines the direction, way of thought and pattern your life would take. It means if you get it WRONG from the START, then it becomes difficult to get it RIGHT at the MIDDLE.

A lot of people struggle with addictions and habits cause they can’t CONTROL themselves or haven’t REALISED they actually can CONTROL it NOT because they ENJOY it or don’t wanna STOP. You should HELP them see that not CONDEMN. Never assume you can beat a challenge until you’re down there yourself. The surface doesn’t always reveal what’s on the inside. You can’t judge such a man cause you’re not him.

You can’t JUDGE a man’s ACTIONS when you don’t even KNOW WHY he does what does. Never ASSUME you’re BETTER than someone when you’ve not TESTED his STRENGTH. We are all certainly different people with different abilities but we’re humans which means we can’t always get it right. But what we can do is try.

The AIM is NOT perfection but PROGRESS. It’s being BETTER at EVERYTHING each day. It’s ONE STEP at a time. Quote me today, “An OPEN EAR is BETTER than an OPEN MOUTH.” It means when you keep talking you’re not learning. It means when a man doesn’t listen to the story of another man, he may never know his pain.

When you JUDGE a man even before you HEAR his ORDEAL, you’re only trying to PLAY GOD. The only difference is, God knows our hearts, thoughts and actions which you could never know. Question is, why do his job when you haven’t done yours? Again, you’re not the BEST in the world neither are you the WORSE cause there is ALWAYS something or someone BETTER or WORSE off.

They say, it is the man who wears the shoe that knows where it hurts. If you’ve not worn his shoes, don’t assume you know his pain or laugh at it. James should never laugh at John’s bicycle because he drives a Range Rover Sport cause change is constant. WHERE you are TODAY may NOT be where you would be TOMORROW. Jane should never judge Jasmine for being an alcoholic cause Jane’s never tasted alcohol.

Fact is, if you were in her position, you’d probably have DONE WORSE. Jane is no better cause she’s also struggling with pornography. SITUATIONS either MAKE or BREAK us but we all LEARN from them and we get BETTER everyday. In the end, we’re all learning, growing and sharing. This is what LIFE is about. It’s ALL ABOUT the SIMPLE things. Again, if you’ve not GONE DOWN that road, never assume it’s a BAD ROAD. If a MAN is DOWN, give him a HAND not STEP on his HEAD. This is Danny world…

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